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This may seem like a dumb question, but what do you guys use for bottles for your airbrushes?  I would like to start storing and mixing some more of my own paints etc, I got some bottles at a local craft store that said that they were impervious to solvents, however they do not seem to play nice with any of the solvents I use, lacquer thinner ruined the seal at the top of the jar.  Just wondering if you guys have any sort of recommendations.  I was thinking I could decant some primers, mix up some flat and semi gloss blacks, and have an assortment of paints I use on a regular basis so that I could just plug them into the airbrush and go, instead of mixing up small batches when I need them.  Thanks in advance for the help.

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As a bit of a packrat I save various glass bottles from used up hobby paints like Testors and Floquil. Alos the glass Gloss and Dullcote bottles (those IIRC are 1.5 oz.).  I have also bought empty Floquil bottles (from Micro-Mark). Another source of all sorts of glass bottles (and zillion other packaging items) is http://www.freundcontainer.com/ . I buy bottles, cans and jars from them.  Surplus materials vendors also sometimes have all sorts of small bottles available. Check out https://www.sciplus.com/ .

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Coast airbrush http://coastairbrush.com/  has a wide variety of bottles in both glass and plastic.  There plastic bottles are coated.  I have been using them for years for lacquers and everything else.  You can get them from 1oz to 6oz.  They also sell lids separately along with siphon feeds.  They are very reasonable.  I am lucky in that I live nearby. When ever I am in the area I go in and pick up a half a dozen in different sizes.  I would suggest calling rather than trying to find what you want on the web site.  They are very knowledgeable and will help you get what is just right.  Oh and if you happen to be in Anaheim Ca. it is worth a trip over to the store.  It is literally the Disneyland of airbrush shops.

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