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"If (this character) only had a car"

Chuck Most

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I'm just going to throw this out here, and see where it goes.

Today at work, a few co-workers and I were discussing interesting cars driven by various characters in TV shows and movies. After a little back and forth about that, conversation turned to speculation... in the case of many characters, you don't see what kind of vehicle they drive, and often it isn't really made clear if they own a vehicle at all. I got to thinking that such a creative thought exercise might spark an idea or two for model building. 

So, think of your favorite movie, TV program, comic book, or whatever. Think of the character who usually takes the bus or bums a ride from one of the other characters, or at the very least, is never seen driving or talking about owning a personal car. What do you think they'd drive? What kind of car do you think John McClaine from the Die Hard movies owns? Or Zeus from Die Hard With a Vengeance? Or Bonnie from Knight Rider? Or Mr. Creosote? You reckon that Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park drove a plain old Camry, or something as eccentric as he was? Now's your chance to dream it up! Hey- winter is coming, you're going to need something to think about while you're shoveling snow, right? That way, not only can you show us the car you are building for your character, but also a little bit of why you chose that particular car and style for that character. 

Start time would be whenever the first builder jumps in with progress to report, and much like the pain and suffering, there would be no end. 

My idea? I'm going to build a model of what I think Fire Marshall Bill used as his daily driver.... :) 

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I like the concept of matching characters with their cars, and I always thought about which type of cars characters from one of my favorite shows drove pryor to the apocalypse, The Walking Dead. 

It would be fun to pair cars or trucks with certain characters from that show.  

Actually I thought about building some exsisting cars from the show too. Like the silver GTO Judge in the Chase scene that gets rolled over. I thought about how all the bad guys who died probably  became "Walkers" because most were hit with body shots when killed by Rick and the other officers. 

There are some other vehicles that are cool as well, a 64 Galaxie low rider and the 66 ford farm truck.  And you can't forget the 09 Challenger that lends it's tires to the bond-fire after it's seen leaving Atlanta. 

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