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What happened with the "UNREAD" labels?


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In the past, before I logged out of the forum I would mark the site as read.  When I returned and logged in again, The forums containing new posts show green "UNREAD" labels. Then within each forum the threads which contained added contents since I logged out would also have similar green tags.  If I clicked on the green tag it would get me to the oldest "new" contents posted in that thread.  It was very handy to catch up on the new posts.


Sometime last week the "UNREAD" tags have disappeared from the individual posts.  They are still there for each forum which has new contents, but not the threads themselves.  So there is no good way I know to get to the oldest New contents of the individual threads.  Nothign has changed on my end (same browser, no updates, etc.)  I have the same problem on 2 different computer using different browsers.   I suspect the change was done on the forum website.

Anybody else noticed this?  Any viable alternative for viewing new messages in a thread?

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Dave, that is the way several other forums are that I am on. But here I am still getting the working "unread" thing. Does that mean something weird?
I double checked just now. To clarify, I am getting both the bold and the dot, and the "unread". Clicking on the unread still takes me to the first unread post.

Or should I just keep my mouth shut since it is working for me? :lol:



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