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Kit bashing a 1961 Corvette from two Revell kits

Superbird McMonte

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 I did the conversion on this model about two years ago. I got it into prime and then let it sit for a few months. I wet sanded it and painted it red about a year ago. I used Dupli-color Chevrolet Torch Red and urethane automotive clear. That sat for about another year. I figure by now everything is good to handle! So I took it out and started work on it last night. I’ll add some pictures with the chrome foil later today.  I realize last night that the door panels may not be correct for a 61. I’ll probably go with the 58 door panels instead. Which means prime and paint but no clear. 









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Added pictures
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Very nice! I've often wanted to do this by bashing the AMT '62 with some other '58-'60 kit. You are inspiring me to actually do it. 

One question: Are your headlight bezels and the body from the same kit, or are they from both kits? 

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 Some of you may have noticed the front of the car has provisions for an older style nose emblem. Actually, it will accommodate a 1958 nose emblem. There’s a noticeable difference between the emblems on the front of it 58 compared to the front of a 61.  

The story goes, one day Mr. White was on his way to work in the snow. He had almost made it to the school when another car lost control and slid into the front of the Corvette. The nose was damaged. He bought a front clip off of a wrecked 58 and in the auto shop, he and his pupils replaced and painted the front clip. And that’s the reason why the nose and emblem is from an older car.

 That boys and girls is what you call artistic license! ?

 Truth be told, I just noticed that I should have filled it in when I did the body conversion. Oh well. Next time I won’t forget. And yes there will be another!  I am thinking of doing it a little bit different this time. Stay tuned! 




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I’m calling this one done!  I had a couple of issues trying to fit the grill and bumper assembly into the front end. It would appear that Revell’s 62 Corvette is a completely new tool.  The lower front valance is a slightly different shape on the 58. So it was a real struggle to get the 62 grill and bumper assembly to go in. I had to grind a lot of material off the back of it. Still not real happy with the fit at the bottom, but you have to flip it over to see. 

I really like the Torch Red! I’ll be using it on the Honcho next. I may use it on a 1985 Mustang I’m building box stock for a friend.

A couple little things left on it, but this is it!

Hope you like it!













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2 hours ago, MrObsessive said:

Dominick, that turned out fantastic! And so fast! B)

Like the addition of the hardtop............that to me makes the car especially for those first gen '56-'62 models.

Thanks guys! 

Mr. White drove with the hardtop most of be the time. Only in the beginning and end of the school year you would see it with the soft top or top down. I have to look for a soft top that will work with this style deck.

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