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Two Ferraris and a Nissan


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5 hours ago, 89AKurt said:

... drive up to a gas station.  Thought there was a joke here. :P

These look really nice.  The F40, that box stock, or you convert into a race car?  The mesh looks good.

Tamiya kit, straight from the box, Kurt.





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Thanks all, appreciate t he comments:

So the F40, is obviously the Tamiya kit with kit decals. Great build but I was warned about the struggle to get the rear clamshell to sit neatly after the engine is fitted... yeah, it doesn't !

The 458 is NOT the fujimi kit, it's the RoG kit and at 16 Euros (US = $18.00) from a toy shop in Southern Germany last year - that's a h*ll of a value for money kit. Colour is Tamiya's new'ish TS95 'Pure Metallic Red' over black, which gives it that gorgeous burgundy tone.

And the Nissan, is the great little Aoshima kit, with Tamiya Purple, Pearl Clear and (clear) Clear. The flecks of metal really pop under the New Zealand sunshine, but actually are so miniscule, that you have to hold the model an inch from your nose to see them !!



More soon.


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