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Black Spider Camaro By MPC


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This is the Black Spider Camaro by MPC. To my knowledge, it was only produced once in the mid 70's. This one was a gluebomb I got off e-bay. I also got the decals from e-bay as well. I added engine details from Ted's modeling marketplace. I rreplaced the wheels with resin ones as the originals were missing.  This buils was suppose to be an out of the box original copy but I couldn't  help adding some detail. I think the rest of the build is close to theway the kit was produced. The F/C represents the box art. There was some repair to the kit and only one part was missing that I had to make from scratch. I think it is part of the brake system. Maybe a master cylinder. I opened up the header ends but in doing so they broke apart due to the brittle plastic. To rectify this I added aluminum ends with tubing and turned them om my drill to thin them .   The paint in Testors orange on the body and Alclad steel on the frame. 


Thanks for looking.


All comments  welcome,



black spider camaro.jpg





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On 10/11/2022 at 7:23 PM, Vintage chromoly said:

Nicely done!

are the wheels finished in Alclad? What did you use for the base?

 Robert, thanks for the kind comment. To answer your question, the wheels are done by Chrome tec USA which are no longer in business.

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