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1/24 spoke wheels for Jaguar E-Type and others (3 D printed)

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On 4/22/2023 at 5:11 AM, Pierre Rivard said:

Thanks Helmut, it was your discovery of these wheels that make this possible. I don't mind reworking these but it is not optimal. I sent an e-mail to Jack Modeling suggesting they develop an in-laced Borrani style wheel. I'd buy a bunch of them and so would others.

He's a really nice guy, great vendor. My vote was for Halibrand FIA Cobra wheels. I've sent him some info on those. He has come out with some new products lately. The Type 35 and/or 55 Bugatti wheels look interesting.

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If he can make and sell wire wheels which are properly designed (ie. the hub protrudes past the outside of the rim), I would be all over them.  In his current wire wheels, the hub is actually recessed.  To me the spinners are also a bit too thin.

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I see Peter's point about the hub location not representing a Jag wire wheel very well. A bit of a shame because the 3D printing on these is very very good.

I ended up using it as is for the fronts on a Ferrari 275P, mimicking an out laced Borrani design reasonably well. I modified the design for the rear to mimic an in laced design with more offset. And I substituted the spinners for HRM pieces.


Borrani style wheels.jpg

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