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"AMERICAN HERO" Monogram 55 Chevy Gasser


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Happy Spring all,,just cleared the bench  of this one. The Monogram 1/25th  55  Chevy gasser,,which is the same as the  "Bad Man" yellow 55 Chevy gasser kit  ,,just with different   decals.  I kindof like this one better  with the  Patriot theme to the decals.  I did add some x-tra stuff from my leftover parts bx,,the corvette  bumpers on the front,,the drag chute,,different seats,,and some stuff in the engine bay,,  a tach for the dashboard.  Its such a cool kit to build,,Ive always enjoyed the early Monogram stuff. So,,on to my AMT 1/16th  55 Chevy convertable,,,,,,in jade green metallic.    Thanks for looking,,,Build on!












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Thanks guys,,enjoy your stuff as well,,I did the badman years ago  and it was fun,,but this is a bit cooler graphics,,and has 2 choices for rims and tire decals  which is a plus. I also added some decals that didnt come in the kit. Looks pretty good on the shelf.  Thanks for lookin and comments,,gotta get back to  watching "Counting Cars"  they build some amazing  1:1  cars and bikes.    Next from the bench:   AMT 1/16th   55 Bel-Air convertible ,,build on!


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