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Chopped 3-Window Hemi Deuce


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Well, @CabDriver, since I've been here so sporadically over the last month I missed all the fun.

First, thanks for the shout out on my process of installing a more traditional rear end setup on these Revell 32's. Glad I could help since I've gleaned several tips from you over the years.

Heading off to check out the finished thread so I'll make specific comments there. But you did a really great job on this.

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On 1/12/2024 at 2:25 AM, Straightliner59 said:

This is such a cool project, Jim! I haven't dived into trying this with any seriousness, but Dave Abell was a local guy, here in the Denver area. He built this bulldozer in 1989, or so--this photo is the only one I have of it. He did all the hard-facing on the blade assembly (you can see the welds on the arm) dabbing Floquil paint with a tiny brush. I can't imagine how long that must have taken! Obviously, Floquil paint is no longer made, and I am not sure of an equivalent there is, now. It was lacquer, which I think would be important, because of the rate at which it dries. The finish on this thing was unbelievably realistic. I think he may have rubbed some metal powders into it, as well. Unfortunately, he's been gone for a number of years, so there's no way to pick his brain about it. Since you're doing a natural metal finish, I thought you might find some interest in it.

Dave Abell Bulldozer.jpg

Amazing work Jim!  
Daniel, I recall seeing Dave’s work on the pages of the magazines. He also did a pro Street 65 Chevelle, which was very nice(blue with multi colored stripes if I recall).  And I agree with you, the finish on his bulldozer was amazing, especially for the time at which he built it.

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