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20 hours ago, cifenet said:

Super fantastic, I really like how each component is detailed out to its fullest!  

Thank you. I don’t always detail everything to the max, but this particular project has always been my ultimate “dream” subject/build.

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Here is the start of the RV body. It’ll be curbside, as I’m crazy, but not that crazy (at least enough to fully detail out an interior). Maybe on a future build.IMG_7644.thumb.jpeg.a11f11c951bb8d121d90c92cbd04ec97.jpeg

Anyway, like my previous Aeromax RV conversion build, I started with a 3d printed radius-cornered frame a scale 34’ long, and added .060” styrene sheet for side panels. IMG_7646.thumb.jpeg.3170c3b37e0397afac69cdd1a0f1cfc3.jpeg

IMG_7647.thumb.jpeg.fa58cccc50565aadbf6143e8f0092002.jpeg I penciled in and cut out window openings, in a pattern to match a custom interior layout I have in my head that includes a front bunk area, but not one over the cab.IMG_7648.thumb.jpeg.7d99ac80508fedf4deeeb10188d53664.jpegIMG_7699.thumb.jpeg.c48c4ed83212d1fc427bf3f9665610e8.jpeg

IMG_7700.thumb.jpeg.739b06d1f0785e1b525628b9effbd19f.jpegI added additional sheet below the belt line for the utility and storage bays, and corrugated sheet for window shades to give the future tinted windows some “depth” and detail behind them.

IMG_7690.thumb.jpeg.8d15026233a46268c0d736d581bae694.jpegIMG_7691.thumb.jpeg.78b7ccadccd40a6750410047ee3f349f.jpegTo get a slightly crowned roof, I placed a styrene panel down the center above the ceiling joists, and again above the sub-roof.IMG_7922.thumb.jpeg.dd03eeb1cdb6bd996307d8b9222b62cd.jpegIMG_7979.thumb.jpeg.f7719020d56973666ca53a34b848b96c.jpegIMG_8077.thumb.jpeg.a2e6fa8d7f4b52a6e5dd6fa077c3c6b5.jpeg

The wheel wells were cut out and quarter round added for trim, along with docking light inserts.

IMG_8078.thumb.jpeg.8e3af286356e65102ac322b14475c914.jpegLots of sanding, primer, putty, sanding, primer…

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Hi Victor,   You Sir, are one talented builder!!  Love all the detail you put into that motor. Those fluid tanks you cast look great.  The RV body is wonderful!



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