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1956 Gasser, I thought it was a 70’s era. Someone said it was more like from the 60’s so that is what I am going with. Started out as the 56 Delray Revell kit, I decided I would like to try my hand at making a Gasser, I have never made one before but have admired many on the web. I decided to make a four door, used the 55 monogram front axle and springs and the rest is mostly from the parts box. The paint was something I hadn’t done in 35 years, last time was on the AMT 65 Rivera anyway really easy and all done out of 3 different colors can spray paint. Silver first then next day masked off and lime gold waited about 6 hours and picked a lace pattern from the wife’s stash laid in place and gave 2 light coats of green and then removed lace right away. I like the way it turned out, I am gonna try again maybe with a airbrush next time. ENJOY! I did.









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Double D's (I like that) :angry: -

Nice job on the body work and Gasser style. I am really glad that you described how you did the lace paint job. I've been contimplating it for a while now and didn't know it was that simple. I was out in my garage the other nigt going through some of my daughter's old boxes. I came across a piece of lace about an inch and a half wide by 8 inches long and I put it on my model desk. I had planned on trying it. Now I know that feasibly, it will work.

Thanks, and again, beautiful work.


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Nice look. The white walls suggest early 60's and the tunnel ram suggest later 60's. You should try to get the book "Gasser Wars" by Larry Davis if you want to do more Gassers. It will give you a good idea of how Gassers changed over the years. Fun book.

I like the fact that your car is a 4dr. I keep saying I wish there were more 4drs and wagons on the market. I can see where you had fun with this, Gassers are a gass aren't they? :D

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