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Fallen Flag IH with trailers finished!

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The COE Transtar has been on my wish list for a long time, this one is a beauty! Looks just like the ones used as farm rigs here in central Michigan. You'll see these things out and about all over the place in the fall hauling off crops.

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I hope there's enough room in the valley! Great work as usual Paul

Thanks guys. As Leo pointed out they are not legal in the Central Valley. Not sure if there is enough room in my display case. It will be a tight fit if they do.

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Finally finished this afternoon. The tractor was finished last December. Trailers are from an AMT Double Header kit and a third trailer from a US Mail kit. Wheels are Wicker two hole Budds. Pintle hitches, gladhands, electrical connections are from Platkit. The rear of the trailers were generally lacking in detail and looked like a flat piece of plastic. I therefore detailed the door frames with styrene and built new bumpers. The rear door panels were all individually separated then glued in place. The door cables are small diameter styrene rods, thread just wouldn't provide the correct tensioned look. To my knowledge System 99 never used exterior post vans and these trailers were built to be generic so that they can be used with other tractors as I complete them.






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