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Where's my January Issue?

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I know things can be slow and slightly behind, but my LHS has had the Jan issue for 2 weeks. WHERE'S MINE?! The reason I subscribed is to save money, not have to chase down an issue, and also to hopefully get my issue before my LHS. Sorry I had to vent, are any of you out there still waiting for yours?


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Just got home and my April issue (oops, I mean the January issue in April!)was waiting for me. Nice to see the changes to the magazine and it is getting better every time. I just wish the PO didn't mangle the darn thing so that it would be easier to turn the pages without them tearing.

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This has been discussed ad nauseum here. Just ignore the date on the magazine and be satisfied that we are getting new issues on a regular basis these days. I got it in April, so it must be the April issue and the publishers screwed up! :P;)

Amen to that. I don't even follow the issue number just so long as it's the next one in line.

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Got my latest issue yesterday. I also go a renewal form about three weeks ago. Guess I have to renew now. I don't care what the date says

either, its just the next issue and I don't like not getting it. The shops don't sell it here in Winnipeg Canada. The one shop that did went

out of business a few years ago. He couldn't keep the magazine on the shelf. It sold out that quick.

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