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'53 Corvette

Greg Pugh

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So here is the last of my current "In-progress" builds. I have five that I need to finish up before starting on any new projects. This is a personal goal of mine. To see if I can resist starting another one. Lol.

So this one got started as my entry into a CBP. Well, the CBP moved on and I stayed stalled out not far from the starting line.

I'm going to catch you up a little bit.


I did some trimming and shaving here....


After some primer...


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And here's what I started playing with last night. Time to move onto the front. Here's where I'm working on the spindles...


And with lowering the car with the dropped spindles and also the large wheels/tires that I'm using, I had to shorten the length of the lower control arms. It might be kinda hard to see in these next two pics but the first one shows the left side control arm that's had a section taken out of it and the second pic shows where they've both been shortened.



More to come. Thanks for looking.

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I played around with this a little bit this weekend. Had a lot going on so I didn't get very much done. I did however scratch out some spindles using a piece of the kit's parts tree. I'm using white Elmer's glue to hold everything together during the mock-up phase. As soon as I get it all buttoned up and the wheels/tires on, I'll post some more pics.


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Holy smokes! It's been a while since I've worked on this one. Now that the Chevelle is done, I'm getting back onto some older projects. I spent this last weekend finishing up and smoothing out the frame, the front suspension and the rear end and hiding all of the surgery scars. Then this afternoon I threw some paint on it.


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Great looking Vette ... I think the inline 6 would be awesome ... I like the unconventional power plants though ... Either one would fit very well though

Enjoyed looking at your progress ... Hope to see more when you get time

Steve B.

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