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57 chevy pro mod w.i.p (updates 11/11/12)

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Tyrone... You are hitting this one out of the park man. This is sure looking great. That chassis is shaping up and the front end is looking great. nice job on hanging the doors. I can't wait to see the next update.

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Tyrone, it has already been said multiple times, but you are just KILLING this one! Two thumbs up on the chassis and I think you know how to hinge the doors with your eyes closed! :D

Care to share with inquiring minds on your secretive paint job?

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Your door hinging always looks effortless.

Bingo ! :wub:

Everyone here is thinking the same Tyrone.....this is gonna be a winner mate.

The hinged doors DO look "just right". :) B)

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Alright fellas, I got my order in the mail the other day from Scott aka futurattraction, and I am very pleased with it some very nice stuff, well I got the front end mocked up and the will be this is the height I want it to sit at... I'm working on the rear end now... thanks for looking in...






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thanks again fellas I really appreciate it.. well I've been working on the rear end and I'ts a variety of a lot of different parts.. Dirt Modeler 4 link brackets, 4 link bars from futurattractions 4 link kit, and the rear end from the olds pro stock cutlass kit... I've narrowed it down once already.. and I still need to narrow it a bit more... stay tuned....




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