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Mercedes Benz 450SLC wip.


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Hello. This idea of making a private racer of the 450SLC popped into my head a while ago. I got the donor the other day so now i`m mostly searching parts and stuff for the build. The engine/drivetrain i`m not 100% about,but i was thinking about using the 6litre AMG v12 with ITB`s,and maby transmission and drivetrain from the SLS AMG,maby Fujimi. I also have some straight six engines,3,2litre and 3litre 24v wich would look good with ITB`s. The are some 32v and 16v v8 engines among the spare parts,but i cant decide yet. I just like the idea of a hight rev natural aspiratet v12 and manual transmission.

The donor.


Just silly fitting the engine donor in the engine room.


Plan is to adapt flares and front spoiler form an old Monogram Porsche 924 Grp5 kit.



Sorry about the quality on the pictures.

Here is a bit of inspiration. I`m thinking a street legal car,not full race. Not sure about mpg in city with v12 :D


Thanks for watching. Also comments are welcome,good or bad.

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I haven't built an Arii kit yet. What do you think of the overall accuracy of this one?

I don't think we've seen a 450SLC on here before, so this will be interesting to watch.

This is my first Arii kit,actually my first kit in 12 years. I will recive a 500SLC made by Esci later on for comparison. I`m not sure if i am the right guy to judge how good this kit is. I would say it is not bad,not quite up there as with Tamiya or Fujimi,but this got open engine room and doors. If i was to point out somthing i think it would be taillights and the engine isnt very detailed. I`ll try make some more pictures as i go on.

There are a coupe of 1:12 c107 on here.

Edit: I just found out this kit is adapted for electric motor,so the chassis and most of the tub i cant use *facepalm*

I guess i now have to buy some styrene sheets,then try to adapt the w140 front & rear suspension to this one.

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These two parts is going straight to the trash.



Have some boxes with lot`s of diffrent parts and i found a couple of things i consider use for this build.


The frame and some parts of the underbody i most likely will be using from a 62 Impala kit.

The sump on the v12 is wrong for the frame so i will remove the sump on the original engine

and add dry sump lubrication. Not electric,i found a resin part with belt drive on ebay i will add.

I`m not sure how i will be making the inntake,but i found itb`s from Top Studio i want to add to it.

As for exhaust,i think the headers from the CLK GTR will fit because it is based on the same engine.

Ordered some styrene sheets so i get to work on the chassis. I suspect this project is not done in a day.

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