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Peterbilt 351 with Peerless trailer

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Thanks a lot for your positive feedback. I went on a little further with the fenders and covered them with CTM diamond sheet. Don´t know if it´s a factory option. I just thought it would look better this way.







It still needs some trimming on the edges. I only had one sheet and it was not enough to cut the fenders as one-piece unfold pattern. The edges are separate parts glued to the main fender body. I wish my hands had more skills in them. I have to work with filler (putty) now in very fine manner. I wonder how it turnes out.

Thanks for looking.

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One of the features that this type of logging trailer has is the length compensator. It´s not included in the AMT kit as most people probably arrange the tractor and trailer in the straight line. But it is not that difficult to make one, so I did it. Using the K&S aluminium tube inserted in a plastic tube I got this telescopic feature.




This is the real one.


Here is the difference between the straight position with the compensator fully retracted and "in curve" position with the compensator extended.



I added yet another detail to the truck and that´s the bar across the frame that supports the wheels of the trailer when loaded onto the truck.


Here is a funny load of my wife´s knitting-needles.


The logs included in the kit are much too short for my version of the truck. Gotta get me some wooden sticks probably. But they´ll be too heavy, I´m affraid.

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This is such excellent work.

May I suggest making logs out of "paper mache" very lightweight and you can make a texture on them that would fool any trained eye.

If you need any tips or suggestions feel free to p/m me as my Wife and I build a lot of Halloween props out of paper mache.

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Thanks for the offer Sean. I will ask you for advice probably when the time comes. Now I have to concentrate on finishing the truck. I find more and more details that need to be done before I start the painting. Like the nozzels for cooling the brake drums.





I don´t know the exact route of the water lines as I couldn´t find a pic of the 351 Peterbilt with this system. I took the inspiration from the Hayes truck pictures.

Now back to the trailer reach. I added the locking mechanism to the length compensator. It´s functional appart from the springs.




There should be some water valves in the cab but I don´t know where to place them. Under the dashboard or next to the driver´s seat? Does anybody know?


Till next time...

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Very cool work. Only a few peterbilts made it to Australia brand new and right hand drive in the mid 60s. Would loe to see a real one.


Would love to see a real one too. The closest one I know of is in a museum in Belgium. Looks a bit like a circus wagon but still it´s Peterbilt 351.


that driveshaft is upside down... the slip yoke should be at the transmission end. not in front of the diff...

it's a great build. looking forward for more updates.

Thanks for the info Greg. I will correct it if it´s possible.

I added yet another detail to the trailer. I didn´t like the way it looked in the box. It´s probably the lock that anchores dolly to the reach.






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When I test fitted the wheels and tires I found that the tire sides are in close contact with each other. So, I added rims that squeez the tires a bit more and open the gap that should be visible between the duals. It makes the tire sides more rounded too but I can live with that. The tires fit the disc outter rims okay.


This close the tires are in the "box" set up. The inserted disc is not visible.


Here is the the disc


The disc on the left has new rims added. The disc on the right is the box stock.


This is how the duals should look like.


Disc and tire fit okay on the outside...


... and on the inside too. The side is rounded a bit too much but ... the show must go on.

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Just a few pics of the painted parts. I used CAT Equipment Yellow which I did not applied straight from the rattle can but through the airbrush. The Spray Work to be exact. There is no weathering applied yet. The paint is glossy but it won´t stay that way.








Still a long run before I see the finish line. But I´m getting there...

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Time to get back to this old logger. It needs some weathering. I dark-washed the frame and all the mechnical parts. The scratches are painted with dark - brown humbrol by a brush and sponge. A well diluted light-brown humbrol was used to get a dusty look. I also used oil stains by AK Interactive. It´s not finished yet. Also the wires and hoses are not complete. Still a lot of work to do .









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Wow, thanks a lot Dennis. This is exactly what I have been looking for. It looks like there´s four tubes going through the floor. I wonder where they go underneath the cab. I cannot find any diagram or scheme. Also the water line connection between the tractor and dolly would be neat. Anyway, thanks again for the pic. It´s really helpful.

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