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Peterbilt 351 with Peerless trailer

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Well, the recovery goes well, I think. The new front axle is in its place. I just left the original brake chambers because it was impossible to rip them off the line and I didn´t want to cut the line. It was short already.




I also changed the drag link because the new axle has differently shaped steering arm.

For the first time I tried my luck with mud. I have never done that before so, it probably doesn´t look realistic very much.





This is the hood with side panel attached. The problem is that I lost the other one and I am lazy to make it again. I hope I´ll find it some day.


There is few more details to be added and I am working on them. Till then...

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The Peerless trailer kit includes a tray to be placed on the truck frame. But I made a simple wooden stepboard instead. Since I had no real wood at home I painted a piece of plastic sheet to imitate the wooden look. The catwalk on top of headache rack is also a wood-like plastic.




The headlight buckets and brackets are kit parts. The lenses are CTM set for Volvo F10. The rims are made of sliced Evergreen tube.


The air filter and exhaust pipe are finally glued to the engine and fender. The bracket is not yet in the picture as the color was still wet when I was taking the photos.



I added chain hangers to the side of the frame. The silver jewelery chain is being painted.


A single air horn is above the driver´s door. I will attach the door as the last item. Sorry, the horn is out of focus.



Not much to be done on the truck, a little bit more work on the trailer though.

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