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Peterbilt 351 with Peerless trailer

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On the front part I had to rework the fenders as I used a sheet much too thin and it broke. Here are the fenders after repair.



The sub assembly of the air filter and exhaust piping gave me some hard times as it barely squeezes into the space provided. Something must be wrong but it´s no wonder since all dimensions are just estimated. The passenger won´be able to open the door to the full swing and the exhaust pipes will be in close contact with the fender and air filter elbow.




I wish I had a clearer picture of that part on the 351 L. I hope I can make everything fit okay.

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Thanks guys. Here is a story of the floor. It´s about how a nice snow white plastic sheet changed into this ugly, neglected and dirty floor...







The engraved wood pattern probably didn´t work as much as I thought it would. But another effect took action instead and by mistake actually. The first layer of color was matt Revell 89 I believe. I turned it into gloss by a layer of Sidolux (something like Future). Not only it made a glossy surface but it also protects the Revell enamel from destroying by a subsequent oil color. I dipped a tip of sponge into burned umbra, spent most of it on a paper and then "painted" the floor with what remained on or in the sponge. This made a fine wood-like pattern. I left it drying for a day which wasn´t enough, I think. I sprayed a dull coat of GSI clear to get a dry look of the floor. But something went wrong and the paint cracked in lines across the width of the floor. But... you wouldn´t believe it but it looked good. Just like old dry wood.

So, I used some dry brushing and chalk powder to make the stains. Does it look good or is it too much?

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Those are some seriously talented scratch building skills :blink: That is a real fine truck your constructing, I live in logging country and there are still a few of these old rigs out and about with the "Family Loggers".

That wood floor is perfect.

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Thanks for the tip, Old Buckaroo. Maybe I will use it for a different project.

I worked on the pedals, shifters and floor weathering. This is how it turned out...


Here is the original pedal group...


Some close ups...




I also added pedal details under the floor...



I have also the clutch linkage ready although I don´t know if I am able to insert it in that cramped space. This and inside frame mounted steering box gives me shivers. I wonder if I am able to put it all together in the end.

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Thank you guys. Finally I got me the auxiliary transmission. I added a crossmember and mounts to it. I also modified the cardan joint to move in one axis.




The engine is in the middle of weathering and it still needs some parts to be added yet.



I ripped off the seats and replaced them with a differenet arrangement. The driver´s seat is low back and no air ride any more. Different is also the passenger seat.




The base of the driver´s seat probably does not have all the components but I haven´t seen a pic showing it all. It looks a bit light to me now. I was trying to replicate this...


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Thank you Arnd.

I am adding a few pics of the chassis and the rest of the truck sprayed over by white surfacer which is better for the yellow - beige color that I plan to paint the truck with.




The axles are still moving up and down in their suspension.



Thanx for watchen

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