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Tamiya Ferrari F1 2000


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Howdy, Just got back into car modeling after a break. I recently moved an now have a place to build models again. Primarily build F1 cars but I also do 1/48th scale WW2 aircraft.

Just finished the Tamiya F1 2000 kit. It was about 1/2 done and sitting in a box for 9-years. I had no place to work in my old home (at least no permanent work table). Now I have a table set up and have been building again. Finished several kits in the last few months that were partially built.

Studio 27 2000 Japanese GP conversion kit (front wing and decals). I had meant to put the #1 on the car since Schumi won his first title with Ferrari at that race. After the race, the team removed the #3 from the nose and put #1 on the car. I have a photo somewhere of Schumi sitting on the nose with #1.



Front suspension with CF Decals


Front wing. You can see the nose is not quite right. I need to remove and sand the support pieces to get it straight


The kit exhaust is a two piece affair and filling seams inside the exit would be impossible. So I cut off the ends and use Al. tubing to replicate


CF on the steering wheel.




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Thanks all...the paint looks a lot better in the photos than up close. Their are a few errors and misses in there. But it was a custom mix of Red/Orange that I shot a long time ago and short of stripping and repainting the whole thing, I really had no way to fix it.

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