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Need Paint Job Idea's for 67 Charger

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Hello all, say anyone have a good idea for a Paint job for a 1/25 67 Dodge Charger, Street stock, type, maybe mild mags, etc, I was thinking Silver with White vinyl top and White Interior, but, Black on Black is killer too,,Or Red w/ Red interior, or Red, White vinyl top,,or ? HELP..

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I always liked the box art car. Maybe a nice deep blue with a white interior? Go traditional, Plum Crazy or Sublime rarely look good on the older body styles.

I knew a guy years ago that had a Maroon `66 with a black interior. Just never popped…. always blended into the background. I think a white interior is key. Especially with the full length center console and 4 bucket seat arrangement. Or maybe go black on top, smoked windows, and white from the top of the fenders down….. 17" & 19" rims.

<sigh….> I have one of these in the house. Thanks for getting me thinking about another "Quick Build".

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Great ideas, I like them all, but..I think I'm going too do the Red. With white vynel top, and white interior, trimmed in black. Classic Crager rims. Little lower maybe. And the Hemi motor set up. Now. I'm still thinking on the silver an black, with a black hardtop. And black interior, and same stance an motor option, so thanks for the help people.


Alan, "Booboo"

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Jeez, This Revell Charger Kit is really, really Detailed, Lots of Parts,

In this 48 hr build Im really only going to detail with the Major being the Body, White Vinyl top! and Plug wires and Battery cables, anything else will be a last min add,,thanks for helping Guys

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