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  1. Thank you for that. I know Okey actually bought some JoHan tooling way back and has the company name "JoHan Models LLC". Since he actually owns some of the JoHan stuff I can understand he is trying to resurrect the brand but not doing well at it. I'm not compaining, or know all of his challenges but I'm sure his passion is in it. So, these three new guys also want to do the same thing? I don't know them or their intensions. I'm sure they are passionate as well but starting another "Jo-Han USA Oldies LLC" seems a bit confusing to us consumers. Plus, if they don't really have any of the old Jo-Han stuff and are just building a new model company. Isn't that like Stolen Valor? If the product is good and announced in a manner that builds excitement, then released in a timely manner. The name of the company won't matter.
  2. I'm just wondering here. Did Okey Spalding sell what he owned of "JoHan Models LLC"? Or is this "Jo-Han USA Oldies LLC" a separate entity? I haven't seen anything from Okey in years but I did buy some of his Resin interior 69 AMX reproduced promos about 15 years ago.
  3. I don't know if you can call this a currently available kit. This is a Model King issue that was issued in 2020. I understand that Model King limits them to 5000 units but not sure of the actual number produced. I believe more than that were made myself. I bought two back in Jan 2020 and they were $35 each. Great kits as I built one and I am building the second one now. Most places that list them show sold out or discontinued! Ebay probably is your best bet.
  4. Very Nice! Was this a resto or a nice kit to start with?
  5. Nice job on both of those Corvettes. I have not built that 62 but I do have one. Looks like a great kit and yours is really nice. But that 60, looks like it is the older version with the multi piece body. If so, you really did that one justice!
  6. I know it's a direct copy. I had a mint unbuilt 71 kit that I just could not bring myself to build it. So, I bought a Modelhaus one and built this one instead. Then sold the unbuilt one on eBay. This was about 15 years ago when the Modelhaus kit was like $59 and I sold the unbuilt for $120 but I bought for $80. I should have just kept it. I didn't need to sell it. I also bought a Modelhaus MPC 70 Charger, built one and bought another Modelhaus 70 Charger, then bought a nice MPC 70 Charger rebuilder. Then Revell came out with their 70 Chargers! LOL. So, Thank You for providing the master!
  7. You should check out the Miami Vice Daytona Spyder. It has the air cleaner set up but no AC. The kit is pretty accurate for the TV car. It is Corvette based and has the Corvette engine and chassis.
  8. But this one was a lot of work but came out real nice. It started as the 1/24 Monogram TA and the Monogram 71 Hemi Cuda!
  9. Also did something similar with this 72 Rallye 340! Original MPC rebuilder.
  10. None are perfect but I knew the Monogram TA first and the AMT second and loved building them both. I was not as picky then and the only thing I didn't like was the shaker on the AMT kits. This was in the late 80's. I still like these kits but the best for me is the MPC body's with the AMT chassis thrown in and using a better engine! This is a 71 Hemi Challenger RT. This is a resin Modelhaus kit that I started with.
  11. I would buy two of this motor package myself. This is what you need to make the stock GT350 into a Stock GT500. Your other FE motors don't have the correct Cobra Lemans valve covers, Cobra air cleaner, and they have automatics behind them. I already have done a few Eleanors myself.
  12. I didn't have any issues that I can recall with my hood and shakers fitting on both of my builds. Also, it is rumored to have the Twister Special decals in it!
  13. I also want to build The Cobra Super Snake along with the 67 Shelby Little Red. Little Red also has the twin superchargers on a 427. So, I am down for a few myself.
  14. Very nice! You did a great job on this one!
  15. I'm wondering if they did anything to the tooling to freshen it up.
  16. That hood is pretty much in this version. It's missing the side vents but I believe they are in the Model Car Garage photo etch sheet. 1971 and 1972 Oldsmobile 442 Detail Set - Photo-Etched Detail Sets: General Motors (modelcargarage.com)
  17. Very nice build. I have the same build planned and did a lot of reading about this paint on those cars. Seems you did too! I bought Scale Finishes Mistic paint. I can't wait to see how mine comes out but have a few others in front of it.
  18. You need to check these out! I did a Video on a Cobra I built with Reliable Resins wheels. I bought these and they are much better.
  19. Thanks! My friend William Scott provided the pics for the Revell of Germany Version. I don't have one. His came with some paint and the directions are very different but cool. As for the decals I noticed a few more under hood decals, shifter knob decal, side marker lights and the seat belts. Those are not on the usa version. I like the USA version having 1 piece side stripes myself but don't think that will matter to many. I don't really know till I'm applying them.
  20. Here are pics of both sets of decals!
  21. I got two of the us versions on Tuesday. Both my kits are undamaged and came from Mega Hobbies.
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