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Shane, I'll jump in here too on the color scheme, You got those colors working perfectly!

I especially love job on the engine ( A Green and white Cat?...works for me!). This being your first Big Rig, looks like

you conquered the biggest hurtle many of us have had (from novice to expert), getting those rims to seat into the tires....very nicely done.

I try to buy one every time Michaels runs a 50% off coupon. For this kit and the KW 900 (which my Michaels would get some KW's once in a while), being a "snap" kit, the level of detail on them is fantastic. 50% off comes out to around $12 which makes them really attractive for "plastic surgery" (daycab, Big sleeper, single axle, engine swaps...you get the idea.) Might even be able to modify the frame (and running gear) and use it as a donor chassis if you go the resin conversion route.

Again, well done and I'll be watching for your c.o.e. parked next to it.

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This is a nice kit. It was basically my 1st build 10 years, i did "surgery" i shortened it lowered it, if you dig through "on the bench" the thread is bad little 359. My colors were almost the same just reversed. Nice work man!

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