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I got it for a good deal at a show and started working on it. I was surprised at how much I liked doing it vs 1/24 and 1/25 cars, I think the larger pieces had something to do with it, or it was just a change of pace for me

Didn't really know how to 'mod' too much on a bike as Im not all to familiar with them. I see soooooo much room for improvement, but I guess compared to the amount of completed cars vs ones started over my 'career' in models, starting a bike and getting it finished was kind of big for me







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Nice build. If You want to get into more detail you should look at top studio and studio27 they have great bike parts form real chains to full detail sets. Scalemotorsport has some carbon templates and photo etched set also.

I've seen them, they seem pricey. I wish it was as easy as cars and trucks to recreate things for them

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Yah there up there in price. I stick with Tamiya fork sets and scale motorsport carbon. They aren't to much around 100 or less with bike. You can find good deals on amazon for them. Always wanted to do a top studio set but after price of everything it's about 300 plus.

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Wow,,great job,,cool color use on this,,I love building bikes,,cant get enough of them really,,I wish the co's would re-pop all the older bikes from the 60's 70's,,1/8...1/16th. Tamiya has a 1/6th Yamaha YZ 250 MXr Id like to get,,but its 130$ +,,,ouch! But the quality would be worth it I guess. Nice job on yours

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