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It's the Future! - 1982 DMC Delorean Time Machine - B.T.T.F.


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It sits straight, I just took the picture at a bad angle...






I shaved the text on the chassis off and painted the undercarriage Gunmetal. I added "Funwire" in different places to act as cable bundles in and around the interior, and added extra hoses in the same. It's not a bad kit, but you do need to be careful how much you press the parts in when assembling. It actually works better to glue some parts together rather than force them into unyielding holes in and around the body, and painting the extra details are a must. I'd love to get my hands on an Aoshima kit and go hog wild with it just to see how detailed I can get, LOL!


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Looks reall good. How you get the paint to look like that? Looks like brushed stainless

Thanks guys!

The car body comes that way, so you don't have to do anything to it at all. The detailing of everything else helps make it stand out more as well.

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So who produces this kit?

This is the Round 2 kit which is a copy of the Aoshima kit, the difference being this is a snap-together. The Aoshima has more detailing and better definition of parts, but this is a decent effort overall.


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Very nice detailing work! I've built the Aoishima/Amt kit. i would't have guessed this was a snap kit, at least until I saw the bottom of the chassis.

Not to nitpick, but the vents at the back of the quarter panel windows should be black. I'm sure with everything else going on it was an oversight ;)

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You mean the 4-scallop vents in the upper back corner of the car? Yup, Googled it and just saw a pic I hadn't seen before, they are flat black. No problem, I'll go back and correct it tomorrow. Shouldn't take more than a few minutes tops! :lol:

Of course, my hand wasn't steady enough to attempt to run a black edge around the crease in the center of each door window, so those will have to stay like they are... (and I don't want to have to take apart this car to do 'em inside either!)

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