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In Topic: Chrysler isn't Chrysler anymore

01 January 2015 - 01:03 PM

Fiat saw value in the Chrysler "platform" for a few reasons, Fiat was eyeing the success of Cooper and Scion in America and thinking that the time was right to get back into the US market.  It would have been very expensive to come here and develop an infrastructure for parts warehousing and distribution.  The take over of Chrysler gave them that for pennies on the dollar, secondly, they saw value in a number of the Chrysler products ( mainly Jeep ) in Europe and South America, so they could establish a "give and take" situation for the product coming and going to and from Europe and America.  And lastly, and most importantly, the US government gave Chrysler away at fire sale prices. It was a smart move for all parties as Cerbus had no real interest in running Chrysler as a "for profit" company prior to the bankruptcy.


The US will see more and more of this type of transaction.  Our workers have and will continue to price our production out of the reach of any business looking to make a profit.   The ideas and technology, for the most part still come from America.......we develop the process and third world countries produce the products for less............take golf clubs.......the name brand designs are created in the US......heads are forged in China, the better shafts, for the most part, are made in Japan, the grips are made in China and the club is usually assembled in Mexico.  We get a state of the art product designed in America for hundreds less than if it were completely done in the US.


Textiles are all made in the far east ( okay, almost all ), but designed here.  The chips that power our computers are products of US companies, but the rest is not.  We have a government in power ( both Democrat and Republican, so I blame them all ) that sells us out for votes.   We are reaching a 20 Trillion dollar debt, and still, we send dollars to many countries that hate us, and there is no end for that.  Our government would rather pay people to sit around and not work, vote for them, rather than go get a job......a job that is currently beneath what they want, but it is job that is a starting point to where they need to go in the future.   I stated working when I was 14 years old in a job that was never going to be my final job, or skill, but it helped me earn money so I could buy my own first car, and I have been providing for myself and family ever since.  America was founded as a country where we could achieve greatness if we work hard and make the effort.  That self reliance attitude is going away


More and more business has been effected by the internet and jobs are being shed by corporations because computers and robots do the work better for less.   Banks are shifting to teller less, storefront less operations.  Insurance and finance is shifting to internet based websites rather than agents.   Travel agents are rapidly becoming artifacts of the past.  Amazon wants to deliver products to us with drones.  Google wants to give us driver less autos.   The list goes on and on........progress is making the American worker a museum piece.......think about it, before long you will not have to wait for AMT, Tamiya or Revell to make the exact car model you want.......you will find the data base on line, have it rapid printed in 3D on the spot and that is it......how many jobs will be lost to that..............and then we will have nothing to complain about because you will be able to get that model of the stripped down Dodge Aspine 4 dr sedan to model the car your dad drove back in the 70's.  

In Topic: 1969 A12 Super Bee, "El Camino" style...

29 December 2014 - 01:36 PM

http://www.modelcars... +pickup +truck


This link should bring you to a similar build done many, many moons ago.

In Topic: 60 Ford Starliner Restomod (Added a few more pics)

18 June 2014 - 01:37 PM

Jim, that is a beautiful job you did on that Ford......the paint is an unusual combination that works really well, the under hood and chassis detailing is spot on.  I open the doors on just about everything I build so I love to see other guys do it too........so on that point I have one small trick for you that will improve the look of the door opening job.  If you grind down the inner profile of the open door, the door skin will have a much more realistic look.  When I look at the picture with the door open and see the unrealistic thickness of the outer door panel, it just hurts the look of the build............you obviously put in the time and added so much detail so that one little point could be the difference.    Either way, this is a beautiful, and different build.

In Topic: Drooling over the new Mustang...

14 June 2014 - 02:25 PM

I saw the car(s) in person and they look far better then the photo's in real life.......it is a real winner.......I am considering one myself. 

In Topic: completed 1962 Thunderbird Custom Coupe

20 May 2014 - 01:02 PM

Hey guys, I was surprised to see this topic back up on the forum again........thanks for the very kind words....I really enjoyed building this one.....by the way, it is nice to hear from you Curt, it has been awhile for sure.