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Yesterday, 01:22 PM

That wont work on my gravity feed. It leaks paint past the needle seat if I do.

In Topic: Airbrush and Air Compressor

30 August 2014 - 11:20 AM

I have a Badger 150 thats over 20 years old now and still works. Also have a Iwata hp-cr that is about 10 years old now. Both are dual action airbrushes. The Badger is a syphon feed with a bottle. The Iwata a gravity feed with integral cup. Both have their adavntages. I use a .5 needle because it works for me painting bodies. The gravity feed is great for small jobs and the syphon feed is great for body painting. I used a tankless harbor frieght compressor for years till it died. Worked up to 40 psi with no delivery issues what so ever and it was quiet. Now I have to use my 60 gal upright till I can replace it. I would go and feel each airbrush your interested in. Its bot all about brand to me as it is how comfortable it is going to be to use. Some of the airbrushes come with a set screw for the trigger so you can concentrate on painting and not where you are at with the trigger while starting out. Make sure what you do buy is metal and try to get one that the packing will handle solvents. This way if you ever step up to automotive paints it cleans up easier and the needle packing at the rear wont deteriate from using solvent based paints.

In Topic: Starting to cool down out here in the west. Better get ready for winter.

26 August 2014 - 05:47 AM

Been in the 50s here so its coming! Gonna have to start chopin wood again. Need to stock up for the winter!

In Topic: When the female in your life says "lets go to some garage sales", som...

25 August 2014 - 04:21 AM

I paid 20 for a mint sealed Flying Dutchman charger funny car at an automotive swap a few years back. (back when mint ones were in the 100.00 range) Stuff is out there, just gotta ask. Plus it'd fun to see what other people have. Never know, I may find that mill I'm looking for for dirt cheap :)

In Topic: Lindberg's '64 Plymouth "Lawman"

25 August 2014 - 04:13 AM

I went back through the pics posted and the one on page 1 with the wagon says "candystick" on the top or the 1/4 panel. Same as the ramchargers. Since they were candy also I would assume that the brown red color was candy. However I've never seen a candy red  look brown and I've been around alot of candy reds over the years. Some of it may be the camera and how the color printed plus scanned in. But even looking at old candy red photos it don't look like that. It would be a safe bet that the wagon and the other cars matched over the years also.

Here's 2 pics of some old charts. One is the metal flake and the other the candy.

If I had to guess it's candy root beer over gold base.