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1959 Rambler Cross Country

Yesterday, 07:03 AM

This is the 2003-ish Johan reissue, I've had it in my stash for almost a decade. What's sad is I did the chassis a couple of years ago (I added the AMT '62 Thunderbird custom wheels and tires), and the bodywork a little later, but it pretty much sat all that time. It only took a few hours to actually build. 


I decided to do it as a slammer- even with the detailing decals, that shallow interior was nothing to write home about, and the thick green glass didn't help matters. I also used the police siren and decals... now it kind of occurs to me that "slammer" is also slang for a jail cell, and this is a cop car. Seems fitting.  :lol:







1953 Hudson Hornet Custom

03 May 2015 - 10:55 AM

The 11th Hornet I've built. This is the first red one, and the first one to use modern style wheels. It's built to represent a mild custom with an air suspension, and this is in the "aired out" position. The cylinder head is from Morgan Automotive Detail. I still want to polish out the paint, the clear dulled along the quarter panels a bit for some reason, though it is glossier in person than it looks in the pics. I might touch up some of the foil trim and touch up some chipped paint around the engine compartment, but all in all, I don't think it looks too bad for a weekend project.









1950 Olds Junker

30 April 2015 - 07:15 AM

Just wrapped up this one- the plan is for it to end up alongside a rundown looking Texaco station with a couple others. I might still add a partially torn down engine, toss some trash in the interior, and put some tree leaves and sap on it, but other than that it's close enough for a cigar anyway. It may also end up with a few old fenders stacked against the sides. If I don't add an engine I'll probably lift the nose a couple of scale inches too.









April Mack Madness- Another '26 AC on the docket

24 April 2015 - 05:55 AM

Starting with the recent reissue of the oil tanker, but that won't be the body I'm using. The idea here is an old junker that was in use well into the '70's before finally being put to pasture. This might entail an engine swap, more modern lights, and things like that. I'm still not sure what to put on the back, but I'm leaning toward a stake or other type of platform body. Then I could park a junked-out Model A pickup, or something like that, on the back.


Here's what I've got so far...



Front wheels are modified Italeri pieces, converted to a two-hole design. The centers were opened up to accept the stock Mack hubs. The tires are also Italeri- a bit modern if you're building a period-correct piece, unless that period is now, and the old truck in question has had a few upgrades over the years. Rear wheels and tires won't be the ones shown in the photo- they're just on there for the time being to keep the axle off the ground. 


The paint as of right now is DupliColor "Rust" sandable primer- it's a nice color to use as a base if you want to build a rusted, weathered model. 


22 April 2015 - 04:04 AM

So.... this actually exists in real life.  :lol: