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The Real Polar Express

Yesterday, 02:46 AM

This was the actual locomotive that inspired the story- the Pere Marquette 1225. It was one of several N-class 2-8-4 locomotives built by Lima Locomotive Works in 1941, and one of only two remaining examples today. This locomotive was sold for scrap in the '50's, but saved and put on display at Spartan Stadium. That's where Chris Van Allsburg saw it, and was inspired to write the story "The Polar Express". Actual sound recordings of its horn were used in the movie based on the book.  I got to see it come through Ashley, Michigan this year. Quite an impressive machine.















Model King Challenger "Chrysler Corporation" decals

Yesterday, 01:41 AM


I'm looking for a pair of the black "Chrysler Corporation" logos from the Model King Challenger Funny Car. I don't need any of the other graphics from the sheet, just those. Thanks!

Revell White 3000 Fuel Tanker

20 December 2014 - 07:09 AM


It's an older reissue of a 1:48 scale kit from the late '50's. So while it might be good to go in with low expectations, it's actually pretty good all things considered.



These are all the parts- the White 3000 tractor with its multi-piece cab and full interior, and the Fruehauf tanker trailer. No vinyl parts, no plated parts and no clear parts- like all the old 1:48 Revell kits from this period, if you want windows, you make your own.



Yes, there's an engine- looks to be the White 477 Mustang six-cylinder gas engine. Chassis has the springs and fifth whe molded in place.



The front of the cab has the lights and bumper molded in place, but it also has very nice White script.



Decals for tractor and trailer...



And the Champion billboard.



One side of the instruction sheet, showing the assembly sequence.



And the other- featuring historical data on the tractor and trailer, and showing some of the other early Revell kits.

Ford Convoy Cabovers... and a few other oddball auto transporters

25 November 2014 - 02:00 PM

Another thread made me think of these. I've got one of these on the "to-do" pile- I've already started modifying a Monogram '50 F-1 cab. But that's about as far as I've gotten for now. 






Convoy Company of Portland, Oregon built a fleet of specialized Ford trucks for car hauling in their own shops in 1952- starting out with 195" wheelbase F-8 chassis/cabs. The cabs themselves were the factory Ford units, but stretched 5" behind the doors to fit the hand-built sleeper box. The chassis was shortened 8 inches, and the rigs were set up to pull the Westland-manufactured auto carriers. 



Dodge A100 just in time for snow...

18 November 2014 - 04:00 AM

The idea here was an old service truck, which was no longer used to tow customer cars or plow driveways, but is now used by the semi-retired shop owner to clear his property of snow and move around the various hulks he's accumulated over the years. So of course it looks a little haggard, but like most old yard trucks, still fires up and does its job without complaint despite looking like Hell warmed over. The Hillard name on the side is a nod to Irv Hillard, who owned a legendary salvage yard which only recently closed after almost sixty years of business.