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1980 Jeep J10

26 May 2015 - 01:18 PM

This is a reissue of the Honcho ('90's black plastic), with the plow from the '77 GMC reissue, 6-bolt wheels pirated from a Datsun 720, and the inline six from the MPC '78 Pacer,


I still might grunge up the engine a bit, and maybe add a few more rust spots and perhaps some mud, but it's close enough to call for now.









'54 Hudson Hornet

25 May 2015 - 04:07 AM

Got this kit Saturday morning, and decided to make a weekend project out of it. This is the 12th Hornet I've built, but the first '54. It's also the second one in a row to be painted Revving Red and fitted with large-diameter wheels, for what it's worth.  :rolleyes:


Much of it is box-stock- I modified the front spindles to accept the custom wheels (from a Revell '57 Chevy), used a Morgan Automotive Detail (MAD) finned cylinder head, air cleaners from a Revell '49 Merc, and some shorter rear tires from the parts box. The side-exit exhaust from the NASCAR variants is still included, but not mentioned, so I used that instead of the stock exhaust. The body is entirely stock, though I just had to lose those clunky ornamental stone shields- a few minutes with a file and sandpaper took care of those. 


I sanded off the engraved "Hudson" and "Hornet" scripts and used the decals instead. Looks like I'll need to touch up the foil on the side trim, but other than that I'm fairly pleased with it. Not too shabby for a 48-hour project, I guess 











WANTED- Ford Ranger Styleside bed and tailgate

17 May 2015 - 05:28 AM

I'm in need of the short Styleside (wide) bed and tailgate from one of the AMT/Ertl glue kits. I don't need the bumper, or the taillight lenses. That being said, I would be open to doing a trade or working out some kind of deal for an incomplete kit if it still has a good bed and tailgate, if you'd rather do it that way and rid yourself of an incomplete kit.







1993 Ford Ranger Service Truck

11 May 2015 - 12:40 PM

This began as a '93 Splash- when I got the kit, the bed was long gone, but all the rest was there. Years ago, a neighbor had a first gen Ranger which had '70's F-Series wheel covers. It was originally blue or green (I can't remember which) but the cab was repainted in white, and a service body was added- the service body being a slightly different shade of white than the cab color. So, I guess this is kind of a tribute to that memory, though the truck is about seven years too new to be an exact replica of that particular Ranger.


The wheel covers came from the Phantom van, and the service body was made from .030" styrene sheet and a few odds and ends. It was basically a "practice run" for another service body, which will end up on a Meng pickup. Possibly. Besides the wheel covers and bed, the only other modification to the kit was to stretch the chassis to the long bed wheelbase. 


As for this, I may end up adding some markings and light weathering, once I decide which particular trade this truck will ply. 











1997 Ford Crown Victoria- Village of Ashley Police

09 May 2015 - 10:39 AM

This was just a quick "let's see how this thing will look with a little detailing and a little bit of parts swapping" buildup of the Revell Build and Play kit. The village of Ashley doesn't actually have a police force, but it's a model, so what the heck.  :rolleyes: Decals are from an old Chimneyville sheet. I might redo the lettering in a larger font. And hopefully just a little bit straighter next time. Who knows?


The biggest issue with the kit is the grossly oversized wheels- this kit uses the same tires as the '15 Mustang. I decided to try a spare set of wheels and tires from a Lindberg kit. They fit onto the Revell axles, but I had to trim the end of each axle to narrow the track. I made up some inner fender "panels" from .020" styrene. Adding these wheels and tires (or ones similar in height) immediately correct the out-of-box too-tall "donk on a budget" stance the kit has. That's why I had to go with the Lindberg units, though I might pull these off later and use some open steel wheels. 


Believe it or not, the Revell kit does have a couple of small advantages over the Lindberg kit. Small, but existent. 


Unlike the Lindberg kit, the front axle is actually centered in the wheel opening, and the glass unit fits a lot better. I trimmed off the mounting pins from the rear of the taillight lenses, and foiled the backside. 


The window trim looks more faintly engraved than the Lindberg kit's, though the Revell's trim is somehow easier to foil- it's like it has a more defined edge. The trunk lock is better in the Revell kit, and the Revell kit also has the cut lines over the grille panel and the "finger bump" for the fuel filler door (which I managed to sand off while removing the printed police graphics), which the Lindberg kit does not have. (Though to be fair, I'm told that Crown Vics with the optional remote fuel door release did not have the bump, but I haven't verified that.) On the other hand, the Revell's front cornering lights don't look quite as realistic as they do on the Lindberg kit. Unless you have a spare Lindberg decal sheet and/or a way of printing up decals, you'll have to do without the Ford emblems or Crown Victoria badging. 


Other than being more simplified than the Revell kit, the only big problems were the oversized wheels and tires, and the lack of side view mirrors. The bodies are similar in size, so I'd be all-but-completely-certain to say that any aftermarket decal sheet for the Lindberg kit would work on the Revell body. Yes, they're both 1:25 scale, but we all know there are almost always a few discrepancies here and there. 


I'm sure Revell will sell a bunch of these, but if you already have 20 or 30 of the Lindberg kits in your stash, I can't say I'd blame you for wanting to pass on this one. That being said, it's quite a bit better than how I expected it to be. I might buy a couple more... buy I "only" have about ten of the Lindberg kits stashed away.  :P


Blah, blah, blah... here are the pics.