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1937 Ford Panel

28 October 2014 - 09:28 AM

Another one I just wrapped up, after the thing sat on the bench about 95% complete all summer.


It's the newest "Trucks" series reissue, with a few slight modifications.  ;) I wanted to build it as a hot rod, with a self-imposed rule to NOT use any of the custom parts from the '37 pickup reissue. To that end, I used the heads and intake from the '48 Ford Convertible, the front and rear suspensions from the '40 Ford Convertible along witht that kit's steering wheel, wheels and tires from the spares box with Monogram '32 Ford hubcaps, and some '37 Desoto bumpers from R&R Vacuum Craft (RIP Ray). I don't remember which blues I used, but both came from the Testors One Coat line. 







1972 Chevrolet Cargo Van

27 October 2014 - 10:44 AM

This is a mostly box-stock buildup of the Rescue Van reissue- I got the red molded version and painted it white just to stack on one more challenge.  :P The not box-stock decals are from an old Microscale sheet. I was going for a used but well maintained sort of look. I left off the mirrors for now- the kit mirrors are junk- I'll dig out some better replacements one of these days.







2015 Ford Mustang GT

26 October 2014 - 09:19 AM

Yes, it's a simplified snap kit aimed squarely at the beginner's market. So what? Still can look decent if you are willing to invest a little effort into it... just like pretty much any other kit. I didn't want to wait for a full-glue kit, the idea of building a 2015 model in calendar 2014 kind of appealed to me as well.


Modifications to mine include resin headlights from Daft Wheels (a limited run which has already sold out) underneath covers cut from .010" clear styrene sheet, suspension lowered about 2.5 scale inches, modified Pegasus brake rotor/caliper castings, and tires from an AMT 2005 Chrysler. Paint is Testors Flaming Orange, applied after what few mold lines and sink marks I found on the body were taken care of.


I still might modify some '10 side mirrors to use on it, and I wish the glass unit was a little less "murky", but overall, I was actually pleasantly surprised by how good it looks with a little work, all things considered. 


Enough yakkin'- here's what a few hours of work got me.







1949 Mercury Woody

22 October 2014 - 03:40 PM

Just finished this. It's the new Revell kit, with a chopped top body from Morgan Automotive Detail. I used the DeSoto grille, sombrero wheel covers, side pipes, and lowered suspension from the chopped coupe kit. I also used some ribbed valve covers from a Revell Cadillac pars pack engine. Paint is Detroit Diesel Alpine Green with a semi-gloss clear coat.










Models By Dave- Dodge and Ford van grilles

22 October 2014 - 06:17 AM

Just got these today (within a week of ordering them I might add  :rolleyes: ), and figured I'd share. They aren't on Dave's website modelsbydave.com, but both are available for $3.50 apiece plus postage.




On top is the Dodge grille- it's a straight repop of the old MPC annual kit grile, before they changed it to the weird new/old style for the Cannonball Run ambulance- the grille that was still in the kit when it was reissued as the Rescue 911 van by AMT/Ertl. This is the correct quad headlight grille for these vans, and fits the '78-style MPC van body like it was made for it- because it was.  :D


Below it is a 1979-1982 grille for the AMT Ford van. Add a Blue Oval to the middle of the grille and you can build a 1983-1991 version as well. Just don't forget to fill in the turn signals in the splash apron- obviously you won't need them with this grille.


Both are cleanly cast- only a slight bit of flash to clean up, and no pinholes or distortions in the parts.