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In Topic: 1968 ply. barracuda 426 hemi cars

01 June 2015 - 12:46 AM

The biggest problem is to find a '68 Barracuda kit to build from, the AMT (ex MPC) Barracuda kit reissued several times in the last decades is a 69 and the old MPC 68 Barracuda annual kits are hard to find for reasonable money.

The 1968 is the only model year for this style Barracuda (together with the 68 Hemi Dart) classified for NHRA (and most others) Super Stock competition with the Hemi so the 69 will not work if you want to be correct as a 69 Hemi Barracuda never was built.

But there are some resin casters who does the 68 Barracuda or has a transkit with the front, the hood and rear panel to do a 68 from a 69 so all hope is not lost, but it would be great if Revell did a 68 Barracuda based on the 68 Hemi Dart kit as we need a better one than what's available to us at this point.

Ross Gibson did 69 to 68 conversion pieces

In Topic: Skeeter for Pop's

01 June 2015 - 12:41 AM

Really cool looking build sir ............ great work B)  B)

In Topic: 1968 ply. barracuda 426 hemi cars

31 May 2015 - 01:33 AM

I've built a couple ...........









In Topic: Seldom modeled Buicks ..........

28 May 2015 - 07:21 AM

Nice bunch of Buicks John !
By the way are those Raybestos decals on Stricklins car white?
I've been looking all over the place for those for my 64 GTO


Yes sir, the rear fender Raybestos decals are white ............... they came from the Monogram kit ............. it's still available and usually is priced rather cheap (wasn't a big seller) ........... a whole bunch of them on EBay :D

In Topic: By way of introduction....

27 May 2015 - 03:33 AM

Welcome sir ............ great looking set of Nascar builds .............. love them all, but especially the Kellogg's build ............... glad you've joined us :D