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In Topic: New Build Somewhat Restomoded 67 Shelby updated 7/27

Today, 05:06 AM

What I would do with that is turn it back and tie it in to the firewall so it looks like it's pulling air through the cowl vent. Seen it done on a 1:1 build. Pretty slick

In Topic: Revell's Original Mini Cooper Evening Update 7/29/2014

Today, 05:03 AM

Excellent work Jim. I really enjoyed our chat we had a while back. Have to do that again once I am home from my lacrosse trip. How did you scribe that panel detail so crisply?

In Topic: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

Today, 04:32 AM

Go around the top line with super glue then sand it. I rarely use bondo for this type of work. Then prime and seal. Boom!, no ghost lines

In Topic: W.I.P diecast outlaw 10.5 69 camaro r/s comment let me know what you think

Yesterday, 03:39 PM

Coming along nicely

In Topic: 1:1 Mopar_Dodge`s Fastest Muscle Car Ever_2015 Challenger SRT "Hellcat"

28 July 2014 - 11:32 AM

You see motor trends review? It was slower in all areas compared to the 13/14 gt500. They claimed sticky tires would help it beat the Shelby but I already have sticky tires on mine so there goes that theory. Hope these hero numbers from dodge don't bite them in the butt in the real world. I can't wait to see...