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Yesterday, 01:37 PM

I built a Cutty Sark many many many years ago.....

Would love to do another one justice someday.

Keep it going as you really have my interest.


Yesterday, 01:29 PM

Snake mentioned that his were chromed, and that they needed to be painted. I see in your photo that at least part of the red lens is chrome to match the rest of the rear end. Did you foil that area? Come to think of it, the photo is the GTX, right? The lenses for the RR won't be the same anyway...

Everything on there is strip styrene for the raised lines then covered with BMF . Painted in the lower sections. Then a photo etch GTX emblem.

Side GTX emblems were shaved off of a monogram 1970 gtx kit and glued on .then covered with BMF

In Topic: Where to buy or how to make a tow hitch & ball ?

Yesterday, 10:37 AM

A lot of the MPC annuals had an under bumper trailer hitch  in the kit


I might have a couple of them ,,,


Yesterday, 10:35 AM

Did all the early AMT 68 Roadrunner kits have the incorrect taillights?



I made my own for a 1968 GTX conversion

In Topic: What's "new" coming our way in the next few months, model wise ?

Yesterday, 10:19 AM

A list of "new" kits http://www.cybermode...uto_manuf.shtml   -_-



Loosk like the only one getting any of my money this years is Moebius