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1949 Ford '60s Custom "parts box special"

22 December 2014 - 08:32 AM

Hi guys.

Some of you may remember the stock '49 Ford I posted a little more than a week ago. It was a restoration of a 1992 build I did with a incomplete kit I got online. I used almost all the stock chrome with the exception of the grille, and the stock hood. What was left was just the body, the interior tub, the dash, and the custom parts. I thought I was never gonna do anything with that, as I didn't even had the chassis/floor pan, along with all mechanical parts, that were missing from the kit.

Well, This Saturday morning I went to my hobby shop, owned by a friend, and on Saturday mornings there is always a little "gang" of builders there showing their builds. This time there were a guy with a box full of parts he wanted to trade. Most of the parts were pretty easy finds, but among all that, I found a '49 Ford frame with the front suspension glued on!!! Offered the guy 5 Reais, and he sold it to me. Came home with the evil plan boiling on my head... 


I had already played with the body, done some body work just for practice installing the custom parts, and having the joints smooth, so I would go Custom with the Ford. 


Saturday I painted the body with Tamiya TS-7 Racing White. 

Also painted the interior Tamiya Italian Red. Along with the interior, I painted a set of steel wheels from my parts box. I think they came from a '62 Bel Air.


On the interior I used a set of custom seats I don't remember from what kit came from. 

Also used a chrome steering wheel from a T-Bird kit.

Scratchbuilt a stick shift, and made a little piston on the Dremel to be the handle.

On the frame, I adapted the rear end of a '49 Mercury to fit the Ford (is narrower) and painted the entire thing Tamiya semi gloss black.


Like I had no Flatheads or Y-Blocks on my parts box, I used the next best thing, a 427 FE from a 1966 Fairlane 500 kit from ages gone by. Had to foil all the crome on the engine as it was in the parts box for a loooong time... But it was all painted and wired. Unfortunately, the Fairlane the engine came from was pushed out of a shelf by my cat Mitch, and I only remembered to salvage the engine. The Fairlane rear end would have being more adequate.


On Sunday morning, I polished the body, foiled it, and did the detail painting. Wonders of Tamiya paint. It dries really fast, and here is hot right now. Even better.

Gave a shot of semi gloss clear on the interior before assembling it, and the body itself was ready.

What gave me more work was the exhaust that I built with mufflers from the parts box and soldering wire painted with Tamiya gunmetal.


The tires are AMT parts pack. 


Headlights are the custom option that comes with the AMT 1957 Ford. 


The rear part of the wheels are from a '49 mercury kit, both front and rear. 


Finished the build today about two hours ago...


I can't say I took two and a half days to build it, as I was messing with the body for at least a week, but I painted the body on Saturday just before lunch, and finished the car on Monday just after lunch.


Some pictures of the salad...


15893626988_dfa043fa57_c.jpg1949 Ford 1960s Custom by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


15458761234_07205912af_c.jpg1949 Ford 1960s Custom by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


15458764534_653bfeb82e_c.jpg1949 Ford 1960s Custom by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


15894983759_2b5aa62eed_c.jpg1949 Ford 1960s Custom by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


15893791680_a08e3a4303_c.jpg1949 Ford 1960s Custom by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


15893637918_ebac7082fd_c.jpg1949 Ford 1960s Custom by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


15893799640_f81b516176_c.jpg1949 Ford 1960s Custom by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


15893801270_058460b531_c.jpg1949 Ford 1960s Custom by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


16080371742_ddeb5ca7e5_c.jpg1949 Ford 1960s Custom by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


15893639458_ed347fe014_c.jpg1949 Ford 1960s Custom by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


1949 Ford Custom Coupe

13 December 2014 - 07:55 AM

This kit started life in 1992. I built it to replicate a car I saw at a car show. It was a Super clean and low mileage (something around 30k) original car, with factory paint, upholstery, never molested engine, unused factory spare tire and some more special features: It was painted Miami Cream, a extra cost color for a non-convertible, and had a tan interior, also a extra cost item. The car was there with the son of the original owner that was too old to drive. It was love at fist sight. 

I built a model of her alright, but never matched the color, as I was using spray cans and never knew what an airbrush was.


Fast forward to 2007. I moved from Balneário Camboriú, my natal town, to Florianópolis, and the ford was one of the models damaged on the move. Worse yet, the hood got lost. I attempted to make one out of aluminum sheet, but it lacked detail, like the 3D FORD lettering. Painted with the same brand spray color, never matched the rest of the car. At least the hood emblem that I've made turned out good...


Fast forward again to 2014. Saw on eBay Brasil a 1949 Ford kit with missing mechanical components. Probably the guy used it as donor to some kind of resin body conversion, and was selling the remaining parts cheap. That was all I needed. 

Got the kit, used the brand new hood, some new chrome, and decided to restore my '92 build. Striped the body, painted it correct Miami Cream, cleaned the interior, restored the engine, and added some more detail to it, and voilá. 


Hope you like the result.


16012621815_97a8fc2503_c.jpg1949 Ford Custom by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


15826876887_8d32ce64fb_c.jpg1949 Ford Custom by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


15825217148_b23963ee18_c.jpg1949 Ford Custom by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


15393004503_78ce216056_c.jpg1949 Ford Custom by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


15986846686_dcef7a99de_c.jpg1949 Ford Custom by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


16011938322_34e299cd80_c.jpg1949 Ford Custom by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


15390375304_dc46f5b795_c.jpg1949 Ford Custom by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


15826607609_6f608f4fbe_c.jpg1949 Ford Custom by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


15390372124_f2508a4a36_c.jpg1949 Ford Custom by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr

'70s Rides. '49 Mercury and '29 Ford RPU

23 November 2014 - 08:22 AM

Both really old build. The Mercury has new wheels from one of the 1936 Ford kits I built. Wanted a more '70s vibe for her.

The '29 is a really really old Monogram kit built more than 20 years ago. The chrome is all peeling off...


15861105215_b29d839905_c.jpg'70s Rides by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


15859120451_cb778175f8_c.jpg'70s Rides by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


15860475242_66e40584f5_c.jpg'70s Rides by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


15835302686_72ff014505_c.jpg'70s Rides by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


15675110179_27dc05998d_c.jpg'70s Rides by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr

The Christine curse, or do I have a Christine of my own? (Tell your Christine story!)

20 November 2014 - 10:19 AM

This one is a true and mysterious story.


Last Tuesday, I finished a AMT '58 Plymouth built as Christine as a "commissioned" build to my cousin, Marcelo. 

Yesterday, I got a bag of cotton balls, and placed Christine inside her box with the cotton balls all around to prevent her from moving inside the box in the travel to my cousin's for delivery.

This morning I woke up early, and my idea was to take the model with me, deliver her, and get my Revell '57 Ford kit (the payment). 

Got to my garage, put the box on the Galaxie's front seat, opened the garage gate, and got into the car. Key inserted, I wouldn't even get the dash lights on. It felt like a 100% dead battery, and I had used the old Gal the day before to get that cotton balls at the supermarket. I thought maybe I forgot the headlights on or something while I was sitting there looking at the open gate to the street. 

Opened the door, and pulled the button to pop the hood. As I got out of the car, I pushed the door out, and it just came back while I was leaving, and hit my leg with the lower corner. My Galaxie is a 1974, but for you guys it's basically a 1966 Galaxie four door sedan, so you can picture how the lower corner of the front door is. Well, I had to "patch" my leg with the bandages from the first aid kit I have in all cars, and drove my Focus to the Health Post near my house, where the guys gave five stitches on my once virgin leg.

Once home again, almost one hour latter, with the head full of pain killers, I took the kit out of the Galaxie and into the Focus, and decided to delay the "delivery" to tomorrow. 

I then went into the Galaxie once again to get the keys, and out of stubbornness I decided to give it a try. She started on the first  strong and healthy turn of the starter.

A certain red and white 1958 Plymouth...

18 November 2014 - 06:11 AM

Well, I JUST finished Christine. The last thing I did was a wax coat, to bring out the shine.

The AMT kit builds well, and I had no issues with fit of parts. Only noticed on the pictures that one of the headlights is sideways... Well, a easy fix.

I built this car to my cousin Marcelo Lazzaroni, a big Christine fan, and he gave me the kit and all the paints he wanted used on the '58. He went to my friend Cassio's paint shop, and had the body colors mixed after formulas I have no idea where he got them, LOL!!!

I did some very small mods to the stock kit, and the biggest was to combine a intake manifold from a '57 Chrysler, also from AMT, with the one in the '58 kit, so I could use dual quads. Also modified the '57 air cleaners to make them to look more like what was on the movie. The other modification was to replace the kit's tires with some real wide whites from my parts box. I think they are from a Lindberg 1940 Ford, and I had painted wide whites on them. 

Total build time was of ten days. 

Well, the WIP thread is here:



Hope you guys like the result, and thanks for looking!!!


15634299239_43e9bfe10e_c.jpgChristine by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


15796436996_638a0d9611_c.jpgChristine by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


15634921167_b6624429d7_c.jpgChristine by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


15818210871_05d3a7b6f9_c.jpgChristine by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


15635263750_b7bc0d013a_c.jpgChristine by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


15200695963_aa3848768d_c.jpgChristine by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


15796463096_7d859aa24e_c.jpgChristine by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


15634291579_6a9cdddccf_c.jpgChristine by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


15818231631_feaa89a22e_c.jpgChristine by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr


15634304569_90ae4a9c23_c.jpgChristine by Lovefordgalaxie, on Flickr