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  2. Best Sites For Used Car Reviews?

    2015 Volkswagen Passat Problems & Complaints
  3. Effective Paint/Decal Stripper

    The shiny stuff comes off quickly, but it will barely touch the clear lacquer under coat. It's the same with most 'recommended' chrome strippers. There is little point in stripping the shiney stuff if you can't remove the detail hiding clear under coat.
  4. Avoid CA' s for clear parts due to the "frosting" effect it can produce. My personal adhesive choice for that that is Micro Krystal Kleer that is water soluble and can be applied with a fine brush in very small amounts to tiny parts. It dries clear but still requires careful application to avoid squeeze out onto surrounding surfaces. I brush it in very thinly and let it dry a about 30 seconds before attaching the part.
  5. I recently bought a used 1/20 scale Tamiya Toyota Celica GR5 kit. But when I received it,no building instructions were included. I tried to get them from the company but I was told that since this kit is out of production no instructions were available. So I am on here asking if anyone can help me out. Thank you
  6. Best Sites For Used Car Reviews?

    Here's a link to the ad we were looking at.... https://fayetteville.craigslist.org/ctd/d/fayetteville-volkswagen-passat-tdi/6918046323.html She want's something that will be reliable in the future, that's why I was looking for used reviews as well as new ones....... Thanks......
  7. 1979 camaro

    thank you
  8. 1961 Chevrolet Impala SS 409

    I dropped mine on the floor and parts went all over. I'm still looking for a few, so mine is back in the box for the second time.
  9. 61 Impala build

    Thanks. I was working on the other day and while trying to get the last major piece on, dropped it on the floor and some It broke off and went flying some where. I'm still looking for a few pieces. So for now it's back in the box. I was so close too. After that one piece all it needed was the chrome trim and it would have been done.
  10. Best Sites For Used Car Reviews?

    Assuming that the US models aren’t significantly different from UK ones: https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/carbycar/volkswagen/passat-b8-2015/ Is it the 2 litre diesel he’s looking at? If so, do you know if it’s the 140 or 170 horsepower version? I’ve got the VAG 170 hp diesel and 6 speed DSG dual clutch auto box in my Skoda, and it’s a great combination... economical and quiet, but with a great surge of power when you need it for the 30-70mph overtaking dash... best, M.
  11. Double Kit Custom 32 Sedan

    Here is one I saw recently with a dropped front axle and different wheels.
  12. Revell Porsche Diesel Farm Tractor

    Thank you Joe.
  13. Citroen

    Very nice to see one of these things built and your choice of a two tone colour scheme makes the truck look a little nicer, if that's possible! Had my LHS bring one of these things in for me when they were first released but haven't done anything with it. Maybe if I look long enough at your excellent build I'll be inspired.
  14. 25 Ford TROG Racer

    Thank you.
  15. Found this red conv showing the soft boot. https://premierauctiongroup.com/vehicles/2424/1958-cadillac-series-62-convertible
  16. Aoshima Lamborgini Aventador Roadster

    Great looking model.
  17. hmmmmmm, even better. Maybe. I usually end up making a mess with MCG parts. Or launching them into another dimension. To be found 6 years from now. But I am working on doing better with tiny stuff. I got my guy that I build for looking into the car for me. But that makes it where I could possibl repaint. How hard did it look to remove all the trim and get down to just the body for a respray? Standard stuff? Screws and hot joints? I also thought about just painting the roof with stainless and leaving it. But I'd really like it better in different color. Thanks for letting me know. Would the hard cover from your bonneville fit on the Caddy? Looks like it would be too long from rear of seats to trunk line. 58 chev convertible? One of hte other 55 - 58 GM diecasts, plastics? I may have a Trumpeter 60 Bonneville boot. I used a 59 Chev top on my Bonneville. And I have seen some resin boots on ebay. Looking good so far
  18. Best Sites For Used Car Reviews?

    I have a good friend that is looking at a used car.... it's a 2015 Volkswagen Passat TDI Diesel. It's a low mileage, one owner car.... What would be a good place to find reviews of this car? Both from when it was new, and now that it's used? Also, if anyone has personal experience with these please feel free to share......
  19. Here's the rub. Tyler doesn't have an airbrush and is looking for spray can paint matching, or close to, UP Yellow. Edit: Never mind. I just noticed you mentioned Scalecoat. Might as well order the spray paint directly from Minuteman Scale Models.
  20. I think that 567 is a good looking truck. And it's been on the market for at least a year now. So maybe the plan was to introduce it and then phase out the 389?
  21. 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302

    Very cool!!!.... ☺️👍
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  23. Double Kit Custom 32 Sedan

    Nice looking build so far. I like the fact that you are building it as a piece of modeling history. I'm glad I popped in to this thread. I have some of these parts that I wasn't sure where they came from. I have the interior bucket and the front grille/ headlight surround. I'll have to dig and see what else I can come up with. Later-
  24. Chassis Building

    I love my touch n flow...until i found this. https://www.greathobbies.com/productinfo/?prod_id=DXMAC11 I find it works a little better than the touch n flow.
  25. Chassis Building

    Have you found that chassis how to? It's by Thumper. I have it on my computer somewhere if you still need it
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