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  2. Steve your like the yoda of model building!! "THE JEDI MASTER" impressive stuff
  3. I think you made the right decision. It gives it a much more muscular look. Maybe it's just me, but I always thought the daisy wheels looked a little too "feminine" for a muscle car. Steve
  4. ....I should have clarified, I meant the black mount that the ball attaches to....
  5. Buuuuuuuuuut the LUV tooling is still in the U.S., which means Blitz had to determine that this reissue still had worth to keep that piece and not send it off with the rest of the misfit toys to Atlantis. I mean April will be 2 years since the sale, I doubt they've had a bunch of boxes and decals sitting around waiting all this time. When I was at NNL East last year Ed said digging in the vault was something the new ownership specifically wanted to do to maximize their investment. See the "new" Wrangler Rubicon with "Day 2" Factory Stock parts that have been lying unused since that kit was tooled in 2004.
  6. Finished up a few chassis items for the '68 442. Steve
  7. Thanks so much guys!! Working on more chassis stuff today. I finished up the scratch built rear shocks and installed them along with the remainder of the rear suspension and the rear portion of the exhaust system. I also finished detailing the firewall and "flat spotted" the tires. Steve
  8. I built this Monogram 1/24 440 Six pack back in 1997. Probably about 10 years ago I put new tires on it, that would be pic A. Two years ago, got these awesome wheels and tires from the Testors Daytona and put them on, pic B. One of the wheels fell off yesterday and I kinda went a little crazy. I dropped both front and rear axles about 2 mm so it wouldn't ride so high. After a waxing, she's going back on the shelf.
  9. Rotorbolt73

    1957 Ford Seats

    I might have some. I'll let you know when I find them.
  10. Today
  11. Thanks for the clarification Ben. What gets me is that you are comparing the RX-7 wheel diameter to MX-5. I would have thought that RX-7 has 14" wheels. Anyways, I'm pretty sure Tamiya RX-7 has appropriately scaled wheels.tires (or at least ones that are very close. I do own 2 Tamiya RX-7 kits. 24060 RX-7 Savannah GT-Limited (red) 24074 RX-7 Savannah Cabriolet (black) I think they both use the same wheels. If you wan't I can dig them up and take some wheel measurements.
  12. Really looking great!!
  13. I use solder alot now...it works GREAT!, but just be aware that it can mar pretty easily too...when it happens to me, i fill in the mark with super glue, then sand smooth -easy fix!
  14. I'm gonna have to look into why its not fitting right...i have this kit, and was looking forward to building it...
  15. A young lady in her boyfriends’ Honda crossed all lanes and hit my wife in the north left lane and totaled my wife’s Charger. The lady then hit a car in a parking lot. Why would you cross from a right south lane to make a left turn. My wife has been crying over her car and she is all bruised up. Thank God she is fine.
  16. Those are really good kolors for it, Bud!!!
  17. I'm not sure if there is a real definition or not But to me a hot rod is more geared towards drag racing but still a streetable car A street rod has hot rod components and appeal but more of it geared towards a more comfortable ride and creature comforts like AC and power windows. Looks like a hot rod but drives nice
  18. Man that is Perfect!!!...i built an RUF influenced 911 a few years back, with all the yellow bits....yours is Spot-on, Bud!!!!
  19. You and me both, Carl! As bad as the nose fit is, I still want to build it that way.
  20. I've been painting today and I'm not done yet! There are a lot of parts to this kit. I still have to add the dark blue paint to the seat inserts, detail paint the dash, semi gloss the gloss parts since I ran out of Tamiya Semi Gloss Black paint and add embossing powder to the interior floor and paint that with Dupli-Color Light Metallic Blue. Oh, and assemble the darn thing! I still have a ways to go... More Satellite to come...
  21. Ive been using printed paper.... 2peices glued together... one side a solid color, the other side gray and black lines.. then darken the edge with a sharpie.... it seems to work pretty good! Same trick for a modern timing belt....
  22. I've posted these before but fit this thread: Mixing and matching parts from other kits. Only problem I have found is the molding of the passenger side hood at the fender is missing greg
  23. Snake, was you going to polish it or complete resto?
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