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In Topic: 1938, ford c.o.e pickup ,SURFZILLA ,10-12-14 UP DATE , [ COLOR ] !

Today, 01:37 AM

Ive only just found this thred & Wow that is just so coooool . I love everything about it . What clear did you use over your decals?

In Topic: Ford Racing Team

Yesterday, 03:09 PM

Nice I like them a lot great work throughout . I have that same trailer display case and Ive always wondered how to use it to good effect your rig has just got my gears spinning.Well done

In Topic: Ford Convoy Cabover conversions

Yesterday, 03:01 PM

Wow they are very unusual .I would not of liked to get those cars on or off there!..... You would need nerves of titainiam :o. They would make a great project though B)

In Topic: 58 Lincoln MK III

Yesterday, 12:37 AM

Exellent beautiful I hope to get one of these some day B)

In Topic: 58' Edsel TT Sleeper.

Yesterday, 12:30 AM

Thats cool love the color and the TT set up B)