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  1. Interested in a started 1/12 57 Chevy?
  2. Still hunting for one.... bought one that was supposed to be “complete” but is missing wheels ....
  3. It’s smooth , but has an engraved heel pad . The major differences I noticed so far are a lack of emblems ,door locks, cowl , front bumper mesh ,air cleaner , the side mirror mount is different vs production kit , and the entire body except the tailgate is very rough and not final polished. I believe the brake and clutch pedals are engraved on production kit but haven’t seen enough pics of one to know 100% perhaps you can spot other differences??
  4. Looks like ribbing in the cowling as well.. 😀
  5. I have one of the test shots for that kit.. was the production kit made with ribbing on the air filter? I always like comparing and building a matching kit to my test shots, but this one has been eluding me...
  6. Need a pair of hoods and a convertible boot for these two here . Lots in hand to swap for the needed parts to rescue these kits....
  7. Never built one, here to hoping!
  8. Want a new one . Watching one on the auction site , but would rather trade to get one ... new kits only , sealed not required .
  9. Has anyone ever successfully assembled an old AMT semi chassis ??? I don’t think I’ve ever gotten one of the half dozen or so attempts right Over the years ...
  10. What a waste .... the fake Ferrari kit was pure garbage ...
  11. Check out my trade listing and let me know if there’s anything there , within reason....
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