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  1. I gotta admit... those are cool Mustang kits - especially the Cobra R. I wouldn’t mind getting that one.
  2. Taking it too seriously? Far from it. Besides, I noticed every single post from the OP has been removed. He did say he had a Tamiya 1957 Chevy kit for $40 - not a "what if" kit. Oh well...
  3. So... I take it there is no proof of a Tamiya 1957 Chevy kit. The OP has yet posted a pic of it.
  4. Just caught up on this. Love the color choice and she’s a beauty indeed! Well done!!!!
  5. I looked in Tamiya website and I do not see a 1957 Chevy kit. Tamiya usually has super cars, racers, motorcycles, and other imports in their automotive line. I even looked in eBay and a search comes up zero results. I also looked in scalemates website and even that search didn’t yield any proof. I’m finding it very hard to believe Tamiya released a ‘57 Chevy Bel Air Kit. Show us a pic of this Tamiya ‘57 Chevy kit....
  6. Thank you. I'll take a duplicate copy made.
  7. Looking for a set of decals from an oldie Monogram kit called Fast Buck.
  8. Yup. I use that too. They also have it in white primer too.
  9. You still have a Kmart?!?!? Kmart in my area has been closed since the early 80s.
  10. Craig... it has been a long while since I heard any further updated news regarding Testors Model Masters paint line. I didn’t think Pactra paint line was still in existence. That threw me off when I read that announcement. Wow... how’d they figure it’s not generating sales? In my opinion, I think they want to get out of the model paint related paint business line. I did stop by my local HL last night. All Model Master paints are marked down at $.99 cents each, ( regularly $3.99 each) and rattle cans are marked down at$1.59 each (regularly $5.99 each) I picked up a couple colors I needed.
  11. I built this kit in my youth years. Not sure if I still have it or not. I’ll check...
  12. Hmmmm.... no plates and a flat tire. Maybe somebody is looking to ditch it on the street. LOL!
  13. Everybody keeps saying Model Master paint line are going away. Last I heard, only certain Military line of colors are being discontinued. Auto colors are still sticking around and those little square bottles too.
  14. While mowing the side lawn on my tractor, I saw a 1923 Model T Depot truck. Waved to the guy letting him I liked his ride. LOL!! It was immaculate and oh so perfect. Next time I see him, I'll wave him down and see if I can go for a little ride and talk to him. Doesn't hurt to try.
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