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Digger Style 1/8 Harley Updated 9/29/14

08 May 2014 - 11:09 AM

I need to start building again and I think I found a project that piques my interest enough to get going. This style of bike was popular through the '70s. I still like it and it may be making a come-back.


I have been searching for this kit at a reasonable price for a long time with no success:



Most bikes of this style were based off the Sportster.  There were some Big Twins too and I found this reference pic of a Knucklehead on the web. There were (to me) three big time builders and in order of my favorites they were: Ron Simms at Bay Area Cycles, Arlen Ness (who may have built the first???) and Dave Perewitz at Cycle Fab in Mass.



I bought this junkyard generator Shovel off feeBay, pic is before a purple pond soak:



I am attacking what I believe to be the most difficult parts for me. They are the frame, tank, wheels and front-end. I have the frame about ready except for some clean-up/detail.



I will be making my own wheel centers. I need to decide what I want and that it looks right. BTW, the front wheel came from my parts box. HD dressers have 16 inch wheels front and back so they can be rotated. This front is 19 scale inches.


I have a post in the Q&A section about the gas tank. I tried in the .040 plastic I had and much to my fear, it split apart. I've never had any luck before regluing scribed parts. Not this time either. I will get it one way or another.


I can't say this will be a quick build but I try to work on it everyday.


If anyone has the above Sportster kit they are willing to trade or ???, please let me know. Unbuilt, built or parts/basket-case.


I may also be needing decals made down the road, if you make them please PM me and I can give you an idea what I am looking for.


Comments/criticism welcome.

K&S metal sheets?

05 May 2014 - 03:46 PM

I am working on a 1/8th scale motorcycle build. I will be making my own gas tank for it and I could use some input. The tank has a multitude of basically straight angles. I have mocked it up with a thin piece of card-stock. I have the angles right but need an idea of what to make it from.


My first thought is plastic, I have it scribed out on a piece of Evergreen .040 sheet. I haven't cut it out and started folding it yet but my guess (fear) is it may break at the scribe(s) when I do fold it.


I have thought about filling each scribe line, once I fold it, with superglue/baking soda (or baking powder) as I've seen some use on the forum to help with strength. To do this I would have to be sure it's at the correct angle before doing the next scribe line.


My other thought is forming it from a thin piece of metal such as what K&S offers. My hesitation here is the ability to bend it, a small metal brake would be ideal but looking around they are out of my budget right now, and being able to cut it with the tools I have on hand. I don't know the best thickness to start with either. It has to be thin but not flimsy.


It may be easier to post a WiP on the build but I'm not that far along yet (I've been concentrating on what to me will be the hardest parts-such as the tank).


Any advice would be appreciated.

Bald Eagle Live Camera Feed In Pittsburgh

29 March 2014 - 03:14 AM

There are a pair of Bald Eagles close to Pittsburgh. They are on a live feed camera from KDKA. There were three eggs but one hatched yesterday (March 28th). They say the eggs will hatch three days apart from each other. I just wanted to post this in case anyone else might have an interest in viewing it occasionally. Bald eagles are few and far between in this part of the country.


Link should be here:




Sorry, you may have to sit through an ad first :rolleyes: .

ReIntroduction and my Death Proof Nova

01 January 2014 - 03:24 PM

I have had some time off so I spent time looking over the site, clicked on myself, and found that I had never uploaded pics of my Death Proof Nova. I think the reason for this is at the time I joined this forum the pics were not on my computer.

This car was built in 2010. I used reference pics of the "Interior Shot Car" which was posted at deathproofcardotcom. I can no longer find that link.

There is a whole lot of detail, down to the way the plug wires were draped over the motor. Shortly after it was built I was contacted by a gentleman, from the state of Washington I believe,  who asked to use my photos while he built his 1-1 scale car.

Love the movie and I'm not done with the film yet.

This is where my user name,signature and avatar comes from.

Sorry that a couple pics are out of focus.


Questions/comments welcome.










More pics to follow