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Today, 11:17 AM

yeah some of the terminology without explanation leaves your imagination open.

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Today, 10:33 AM

I am not certain, but I believe their rubbing compound will be aggressive, for removing slight damage, this will leave swirl scratches.


this looks like a good one





After that, you can use a glaze or wax. I like the glazes, they bring out the dark, rich color of most paints. Waxes will work. On a model I doubt there is much difference. A wax will protect it a little more I think, if you plan on it being handled a little bit.

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Today, 10:09 AM

Ballistic SRS systems have been out for a while. When I was a Jaguar tech, I had to work on these. It's a very tiny charge that is activated when the computer senses the airbag being deployed. It shoots the seat belt buckle down to cinch it up. So in addition to the mechanical lock that activates when you shoot forward, it adds a little bit more "lock" by ballistically cinching up the belt. There is not enough there to cause any damage to you.  They do not activate unless the airbag goes off, unless they changed the way they work.

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29 July 2014 - 07:38 PM

Same kind of mentality that says all bikers are hoodlums on welfare, and all model railroaders are retarded. Idiotic opinionated tree huggers.



The irony is strong here

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29 July 2014 - 06:00 PM

I am not a religious person and I typically don't care for in-your-face religious types, but I haven't experienced that at Hobby Lobby. Nothing is shoved in your face and to complain about the music they play in the background is absurd. If you don't like it, don't shop there. I do find their stance on the issue they were going to court over is extremely hypocritical, but that's another conversation.


I find it really hard to believe anyone could be genuinely offended with religious merchandise on a shelf and religious music playing in the background. If you go out of your way to be offended by things like these, you have other problems.


I did find many useful things there. A nice extra large hobby mat, pointed sanding sticks and a few other things that have come in very handy that I could not find at Michaels or my LHS.