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34 Ford (Maybe its a Bantam?) Jungle Jim Mixup Mashdown

13 June 2015 - 01:43 PM

at some point in the past year I bought a Jungle Jim Vega Funny Car that was mostly built, just needed a few finishing touches. body was well painted and decaled, and the chassis was well constructed, and the engine was wired and plumbed so it looked like a pretty nice display model for like 20$ shipped.


and it was nice, it sat around for a while but the truth is I just don't much care for Vegas, or funny cars either for that matter. theyre kool and all but just mostly don't do anything for me. but one day I was looking around for something and I ran across this pretty crude chopped top and who knows what all else 34 Ford (I am guessing here...feel free to correct me) body that I had picked up somewhere cheap. and it is crude: doorlines aren't consistent and are missing altogether in some cases, there are lumps and bumps in the roof and side panels, the outside body bracing is very crudely done, the interior is clumps of raw unfinished resin. pretty much junk.


or...hey this body fits right on this chassis! very nicely too, if only it had a firewall. one firewall later I was priming it and preparing to paint it a dark deep blue, much like the JJ Vega is. but then I thought about another project I have going: a replica of a friend of mines 41 Willys pickup. I had bought some Chevy HHR Sunburst Orange (I believe it is called) in buzzcans so guess what? this reworked body is a test mule for the color shade of the Willys! (turns out, I shot this color over Tamiya white primer but Dennis' car looks a bit orangish...so I think I may experiment next with shooting the color over red primer)


actually is turning out pretty nice, the chassis was all assembled when it came but with me handling it, it has come apart in relatively nice ways, like the engine is removable at this point and some other parts can come off, so I am rebuilding and improving a bit as I go along.


also I was sitting one day looking at the body on the chassis and wondered how the track nose from Revell's Midgets would look on there, covering the fuel cell. darned thing fell on there like it was made for it.


questions, comments? bring it!


















heres the Jungle Jim Vega, anyone have any ideas for it? wanna swap something?













Model Kits Containing Records (you remember those...)

11 June 2015 - 12:35 PM

a long time ago I picked up this record at some yard sale:





yes at a yard sale. now it seems to have come from a Revell Motorcycle kit of some sort, I am guessing their 1/8 scale various Triumphs, Hondas or others from the time period. But I don't know that...anyone know any particulars on this record and the kit it may have come with?


It is a 7" record, which in this country usually have a big hole in the center and play at 45 rpm, but this one has a small hole center and plays at 33 1/3 which makes it more of an "EP" than the single most of us might know it as. the copyright on this record appears to be 1969


I have never gotten up the nerve to play it but both sides say "Music by Jack Shaindlin". (Jack Shaindlin, who was a music writer for Hanna Barbera cartoons...but I digress).





so my guess might be that there is some kind of corny music on the disk that I would rather not subject my environment to, but who knows.


back to the subject: remembering back to when I was a kid, I recall more than one kit either came with a 7" record or you could mail in a coupon and hopefully receive said record in the mail. I think I tried that once but the record never showed up...then again I lived in the Phillipines so maybe that had something to do with it. but I seem to remember race track sound effects and things like that...maybe a Ed Roth cornball surfer tune like that LP (at least one) of songs he was somehow behind.


anyone know any specifics? like which kits did and perhaps photos of the records, hopefully with a picture sleeve along with it? or are there some model sites that specialize in these kits?


seems like it was an interesting way to sell model kits, but it got my curiousity even back then.


now I don't really mean the more common race track sound LPs and those records, I have quite a few of them already, I am really just interested in records that came as premiums in normal model kits.



Aoshima Racing Beat Maxda RX7 Bonneville

28 May 2015 - 01:32 PM

you know, I wrote up a big detailed review and it just disappeared in front of my eyes. so I am not going to bother again but here are some photos I already uploaded anyhow

























Darwinism at work

27 May 2015 - 12:43 PM

two stories in the local paper today:


man dies on 21st birthday trying to swim across a pond while carrying a 10 lb rock. police suspect alcohol was involved. Duh.


man shot and killed by friend in local park was testing his bulletproof vest. another successful test! Mother said he was a "sweet boy". Right. Sweet boy with a use for a bulletproof vest and not enough upstairs to maybe test it out on a tree first. The kid who he asked to shoot him reassured him "Its alright bro". Another bro-dude gone!


that's two down and what, 120 million to go?