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Mooneyes Race Team: Dragster + Cube

05 August 2014 - 02:03 PM

Long build thread here: http://www.modelcars...ic=78785&page=1  so I will let the final pics do the talking here. A few problems remain,  one rear tire on dragster has come off rim slightly and I don't like it but can't fix it, yellow front wheel hub caps on dragster are now prototypically correct chrome. comments critiques questions cheerfully entertained.



























What the heck *is* that thing thare?

24 July 2014 - 06:44 PM

Favorite Steve Martin schtick of mine but heres something else that had been sitting around in the ToDo pile for awhile: Gunze BMW Isetta, done up different, what-if-Abarth-did-it style. Mini Cooper alloy wheels and wide tires all (3) around. Rebuilt the interior and got rid of the bench seat, replaced with two racing buckets, one a traditional seat and the other (drivers) a drift car seat, added the rear package tray with spare tire. the kit had a similar setup except that the seat and shelf were all one piece and it was that awful rubber-plastic that Gunze often used in these kits. one look...into the trash, retrieved only to use as a pattern for a replacement.


made up an exhaust extractor, actually made up a kinda shadow engine for up in there, there is a high tech version of this kit but this is the low tech one...high tech got detailed down in the engine compartment but I basically just made something to attach an extractor end to. did a bunch of other fiddling too that is apparent on closer inspection.


did I mention this body was clear? oh yeah, and also the windows are all molded in! that's why the painted body I show here is a far cry from how its going to look with the window masking all off (fingers crossed on what I find when I pull the tape), with much more greenhouse that is currently colored red. total pain in the rear to paint the body and not only that, when I was doing the black accent on the front (door actually, the whole front end swings forward on the real car) somehow I got a spot of paint on the red. went to remove it and next thing I know I have eaten through the paint, primer and down to the clear plastic! didn't feel like repainting so I am putting the photoetch BMW symbol in that hole, while the scorpion has removed it and replaced it with an Abarth logo. Silly, I know, but you got to be flexible.


just got the decals on tonite, will give it a final clear coat in a couple days and then its about ready to mount and go. am going to significantly lower the front end so it is almost touching ground. got to rebend the exhaust pipe a bit too depending on where the body actually sits on final mounting.


comments questions critiques always welcome!
























Best Chevy Small Block?

22 July 2014 - 05:59 PM

ok I know there will be a million choices here and a thousand opinions, but what would anyone recommend for the best looking, most realistically molded, most complete Chevy small block engine? I don't need stock peripherals as it is going to be for a race application.


this is going to be for a gasser that runs just a big four bbl carb...any tips on particularly accurate looking ones? I assume it would be a Holley with a lot of capacity.


thanks for any tips!




41 Willys 1 piece front end?

22 July 2014 - 05:55 PM

I am starting to plan out a build of a friends 41 Willys pickup gasser. he has a one piece front end that tilts forward, but most kits I have or have seen have stationary front fenders and a removable hood. But I could have sworn at least one kit had a 1 piece front end! I have Revells 41 pickup and also the 41(?) coupe kits of recent issue and both are of the stationary fender type.


any clues would be appreciated! maybe even a resin front end?


edit to try to answer my own questions: does the Revell 43 Willys pickup have a one piece front end? just looked at one on ebay and it kinda did look like it might. what is the difference between a 41 and 43 Willys? somehow I think I remember something about the grille opening being larger and smaller?



Bucket T on Deuce Frame

19 July 2014 - 02:59 PM

I was thinking the other day that I don't see many 1/8 scale T buckets set on 32 Ford rails. Isn't that considered the hot setup in hot rod T circles? with the Big T and the Big Deuce both recently reissued i would think i would see them more often. Have I just missed them?


Reason I ask is I was toying with the idea of doing this myself. my initial fitting of a Big T bucket to the Deuce frame (had one built up sitting around from a gluebomb) makes me think its going to be  a lot of work: shortened, narrowed, plus i am going to want to Z it at least in the rear and maybe the front as well. i do want the distinctive side profile sculpting to remain, but looks like moving the bucket backwards to better conform to the Z that is already in the frame profile (and i will probably exaggerate). i plan on using a turtle deck on the final car.


Anyone have any good pointers to threads about model Ts on Deuce frames? i have plenty of photos of real cars, i would love to see some 1/8 creations up this alley. and in process build threads would be great too.