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In Topic: Tesla confirms "affordable" model coming in 2017

Yesterday, 10:56 AM

Price, driving range and re-charge times (and building recharge stations) all need to improve for electric cars to really catch on.
As technology marches on, it will be interesting when Nascar and Formula 1 cars are all electric and self-driving...."Drivers start your engines" will be completely obsolete!

Price will get better as the parts availability, production techniques, and numbers improve, just like with anything else, it just has to get there. Range will improve as new forms of efficeny are discovered and added, plus with improvements in battery and charging tech too. From my experience with owning a flex fuel vehicle, charging stations will likely be the biggest obstical. You have to have people interested in building places (I give Musk lots of credit for that!), as well as taking efforts to deal with opposing parties (oil companies for example) on the construction of such places. If I had the money or knew the people, I would look into doing an alternative fuel "gas station" that covered the biofuels, ev charging, and alternaive petrolium fuels. I number of those along the major corridors and in urban centers could go a long way to countering those issues for all of us that own these sorts of vehicles.

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Yesterday, 06:14 AM


In Topic: Revells 1984 Olds 442

27 July 2014 - 07:18 PM

That black and silver one is the one that I was told that will be comming out as a special edition from Revell and later on a 442 version will come later.

Could that possibly be a tie in to the TV Series "Motive", by chance? The female detective on the show has one as her daily driver and lets her son drag race it at a nearby strip.......where she proudly watches him do a burn out then take down an early SN95 body Mustang with it :D



In Topic: Tesla confirms "affordable" model coming in 2017

27 July 2014 - 06:19 PM

Ethanol is basically a "synthetic gas" but for every gallon of ethanol made it takes 2 gallons. So it's not really economically practical. Ever notice how low the ethanol prices are? They're (the gas and ethanol companies) trying to get people to switch over to ethanol because "it's cheaper" at least right now, and then boom, ethanol prices are double that of gasoline.

It's old info, but this is an interesting read.


In Topic: Tesla confirms "affordable" model coming in 2017

27 July 2014 - 05:46 PM

But I'm talking about a purely synthetic "gasoline," not ethanol or some sort of blend. Gas made in a lab without any dinosaur juice involved. In other words, a "gas" that doesn't rely on the supply of oil and can be manufactured in unlimited quantities.
With all the advances science has made, I'm kind of surprised that we don't yet know how to make a totally synthetic fuel that a typical gasoline engine can run on.

There is coal liquifaction, turning coal into a liquid fuel that can be burned in diesel engines, but instead of using dino juice, it's turning compressed dinos into liquid fuel.