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The most Iconic Gene Winfield custom and it doesn't even have wheels?

06 May 2013 - 09:48 AM

Came across this today and thought some of you would like to see it.




Turns out Gene Winfield built it.

Belly Tanker, A Really Small One...

28 February 2013 - 05:46 PM

I was consolidating some aircraft parts I had gotten many years ago in a trade and came across a drop tank from I believe a 1/32nd scale P-51.  Of course, the first thing I think of is "belly tanker" as most of us car guys would.  The only problem was it's size.  At 3", it was a bit small for my normal scale of 1/24-1/25th.  Then, I compared it to one of the 1/43rd cars I had here and it looked about right.  A few calculations and at 1/43rd, this guy was just over 12' in scale.  Real belly tankers ran 13 footers so I liked it.  What to do about the motor, wheels and tires?  I found a Miasto Model A and a Hot Wheels Model T Roadster, both about 1/50th or so.  THe Model A donated it's wheels & tires while the T donated it's dual carbed flathead and radius rods.  While the parts aren't as accurate as I would like, they're still a fair starting point.  I'll be detailing them to be more accurate and in scale.  Still need to source a trans, rear end and front axle but hey, got the major parts in short order.  Here's just a size-comparison mock up:




Size comparo with my iPhone:


The carnage...



I don't know how much time I can devote to this guy anytime soon but it's a start.  As always, comments welcome.

Hobby Shops on Manhattan

28 December 2012 - 06:17 AM

I appologize in advance if this is not where it is supposed to go. In that case, please move. Heading to New York next week and wanted to know if there were any hobby shops on Manhattan worth visiting. Thanks in advance!

AMT Shelby USRRC Cobra Update 5/23

03 September 2012 - 07:08 PM

I tried to stop myself but I just couldn't let it sit until I finished other projects in progress (or not in progress)... I recieved a partial kit in a package deal and then bought one with a resin FIA body. When I received the Cobra with the resin body, I found the body to be 1/24th and the kit to be 1/25th so that was a no-go. Well, I threw them both into the same box (the partial kit and the doner kit without the 1/24th body) and let it sit. A week or so ago, I grabbed the kit because I was checking out some of the USRRC Cobras on the web and got the urge to mess with a kit. Before I knew it, I had the doors cut off and started on thinning them to scale.
One of my peeves about this kit is how thin the motor appears. I know the SBF is a smaller motor but this little cobra kit has a 289 on a diet! So, I glued both motor halves to a thicker piece of plastic to give it some bulk.
I noticed the oil pan did not match the racing ones utilized so I grabbed some exoxy putty and went to town on the kit supplied one.
I also started doing some other work like smoothing the chassis, removing seam lines and filing these springs to look more presentable.
I also started working on cleaning up the body. This is an older kit designed in the '60s and it shows its age in some places. I added the rear fender flares but have not added the fronts yet. I glued in a thin filler in the door spaces to create the door sills but decided not to cut it to minimize chassis flex. Here is the fender flares and the intial shaping. I'll let the putty cure a while longer then sand them to their final shape.
Since I widened the engine, I would have to source a new intake manifold or modify the kit one. Comapring the kit and parts box units I had to the actual hardware on the 1:1, I decided to scratch one up as the available ones look downright tragic. I also grabbed a parts box water pump/front cover to replace the anemic kit supplied one though I did use the kit one as a spacer and timing cover. I have also sourced a thicker set of valve covers to replace the anemic ones from the kit. The intake and oil pan are not complete as they need details, flanges, water necks and such but you get the idea from the pictures of what they will eventually look like.

I plan to use the Goodyear Blue Streaks with Parts Pack Halibrands and some white metal knock-offs I found. The rear wheels will be deepened. I have also cut the half-shafts off the rear end and replaced them with a pair out of a parts Vette. I don't plan to go total nuts on this kit, just want to make it look much better and maybe raise a few eyebrows.

Thanks for looking and please let me know if you see any mistakes I am making before they get too far... I done a lot of research but somethings are just hard to find reference for.