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  1. If you're not against imports/exotics there are some really good kits available: Ferrari 360 or 550 Maranello, Lamborghini Diablo or Gallardo, Acura NSX, Toyota Supra among them.
  2. Mine arrived last week. One thought was to swap in the 427 from a Monogram Cobra and attach it to the Meng transaxle. Not as detailed as using the MadMike motor, but I might use that inthe second kit.
  3. Definitely interested to see where this goes as I have an original MPC body I bought when I was a kid and am trying to do the same adaptation to the Duster chassis. Have you tried mounting the chassis plate yet? I found even before re-working the front wheel openings that some mods will be needed to the inner fender piece and tail end of the chassis plate.
  4. I may be a bit late to the party, but anyone interested in AMC products from the mid-late 60's should check out "Too Many Projects" on Facebook. This resin caster has an amazing selection of AMC's from Ambassadors to Marlins, 2 doors/4 doors/and wagons. I just received a '67 Ambassador that I bought from his May yard sale. FABULOUS casting quality (except for some excess flash which I knew about already) Great stuff! He also has a great selection of older Mopars, Crown Vics and other forgotten older cars. https://www.facebook.com/Too-Many-Projects-1669710309751941/
  5. Are the Revell and Burago diecasts the same?
  6. From the pictures posted here and others that I have seen online, I'm starting to think best color is Tamiya's Titanium Gold (x-31). Any thoughts or opinions anyone?
  7. Has anyone tried the tea strainer method of dusting on the powder? I've seen it in videos of builds but never known anyone that has done it that way.
  8. The Scalemates website has what is supposedly the timeline for this kit. They do also track changes to kit but in many cases do not specify the exact changes made other than "new parts"
  9. If you don't want to give up on it and aren't comfortable contacting Paul Fisher perhaps you could contact some of the other resin casters that use this site. Greg Wahn comes to mind and I'm sure there are a few others. Harold Bradford from HRM is another you might want to contact. My other suggestion would be the Facebook group 'Terry Jessee's Resin Car Kits & Parts Review" Someone there might have information to help save this one.
  10. I remember as a kid building a bunch of the Aurora 1/48 scale military vehicles (not long ago I came across the remnants of the Stalin tank) and they seemed really good at the time. Don't recall ever seeing those reissued by anyone and that scale seemed to die for military vehicles, until now that Tamiya has resurrected it.
  11. Have you ever tried a first layer of solid color powder (or flocking) then add a dusting of the metallic? I remember some cars with carpet or mats that had that kind of look to them.
  12. If you're not happy with that paint and have thoughts of re-doing it, one color that looked possible is Tamiya's Titanium Silver (x-32) maybe with a few drops of their Titanium Gold added. Just a suggestion though.
  13. I have been looking at materials to try to get that fabric texture and was thinking about embossing powder as it seems to be ground much finer than most flocking materials I have. Any thoughts?
  14. Ray - which size of the wire wheels do you have? Randy was selling both 24th (18.4mm) and 25th scale (15.5mm). The small ones looked like they would fit the Cougar II that I have.
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