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Pete 352 Restart

07 February 2015 - 08:51 PM

Started a new build. 


This time I went with a COE, It's been awhile since I built one. The truck has been collecting dust unfinished for about 5yrs on the top shelf.  It has a Cummins engine and the newer airbag suspension.


Having a few set backs with the paint due to using my airbrush.  Mostly re-educating myself with using it and cleaning it.  My prep work is terrible but I am learning as I go.  Some parts are placed on for mock up.  Missing/mismatched tires.  I was thinking of building the horrid AMT tanker (unplated) to go behind it. Here it is...



Another Pete Wrecker

31 December 2014 - 05:40 PM

There has been some really nice wreckers showing up on the board this month.  I have had fun watching them as I am building a wrecker too!


Back in the late 90s I picked up a little window Wrecker kit (T-522) off of Ebay.  I bought it cheap as it was missing the wrecker body.  I painted it like the box art only it was without the wrecker body and I just made it into a tractor minus sleeper.  It came out OK but then I moved and the truck had some damage. 


Then, I discovered resin kits and I bought a resin CFC 358 hood. I decided this would be the truck to try out my first resin hood. Shortly afterwards, I picked up a reissued wrecker kit (robbed the wrecker body) and painted the body to match my little window cab.  It came out OK. 


Once again I moved.  And again, the truck needed to be put back together but this time I built it as an old OTR tractor with a Mercury sleeper.  It came out decent.  Then after a few years I moved again, and the truck needed another rebuild.  This time I stripped the paint off, ditched the sleeper and left it to sit on a shelf for a few years.  I had really wanted to redo it like the original box art (T-522) but dreaded having to strip the paint off the frame and no longer had the decals to do it; I lost interest and just let it sit...


What if...Stepps towing started out with a little window 358 Pete?!?  Hmmmm............ Anyways, that's the direction I'm going with this. 




4200 single drive

24 May 2014 - 06:55 PM

Here's one of a couple of trucks that I have been tinkering with.  I've been slowly working on this 4200 project for a few weeks now.  It's a project because I had to use the junk parts box to put this together.  Thanks to fellow modeler Cappy625, I acquired a 4300 frame from him.  I shortened it to make this a single axle truck.  I'm using an AMT DD8v-71 engine with single exhaust.  It took about a month to paint because the weather here in Colorado has been weird.  One day we're in the 70s and then the next we're in the 40s making it difficult to spray paint.  I think I painted it 4 times now and am at the point where its "good enough" to press on.  So here is what I got done so far...












Thanks for looking.....Jeff