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Diamond REO C9064D

25 February 2015 - 07:40 AM

Finally... Bruiser is complete!

Long story short- I began with an incomplete AMT kit. A California Hauler coughed up it's Detroit V8, and a Paystar 5000 donated the front tires and rear wheels. Some scratch building and a few copious dips into the spares box and here we are.









A couple of Michigan State Police Cruisers

21 February 2015 - 08:05 PM

I've been working on a couple of Blue Geese lately.

First off, here's a '57 Ford Custom, which is of course based on the Revell/Model King Police Car kit. 



So far, the basic kit is out of box, aside from the flasher. The one supplied in the Model King kit is nice, but I wanted to use the one from the Johan '59 Rambler. I have no idea who made the decals but the way they were laid out on the sheet makes me lean toward (possibly) Fred Cady. I still need to make the hailer (hood-mounted stop sign) and put on a pair of spotlights. I did not use the correct MSP blue but rather Ford Blue engine paint- it is several shades lighter. I was going more for a "faded old photograph" kind of look for the finished model... if that makes any sense.


This '91 Caprice is the first Revell Caprice I've worked on since the kit came out over two decades ago. 


This one's being done as a Motor Carrier cruiser. Today, Motor Carrier/Commercial Enforcement cars share the same Royal Blue as the regular MSP vehicles, but in the '90's they wore a pale metallic blue. I used Pontiac Engine Blue for this. The base Revell kit has had rub strips added to the rear quarters, doors, and rear edge of the front fenders. The mounting holes for the single spotlight and light bar have been filled in. All MSP vehicles use two spotlights, so I'll rob a pair from a Lindberg Crown Vic. The rear seat partition was omitted, as the MSP does not use them. Again, I need to make a hailer for the hood, and also detail the headlight lenses. For some reason the front end of the model reminds me more of a Plymouth Acclaim than a Caprice with the headlights looking like they do in their present state! The decals are from the long-defunct E&K Graphics, the sheet included standard markings (which I used on a '97 Crown Vic previously) and the motor carrier markings. Some unused Delco battery and gauge panel decals from a Scale Squads NYPD sheet will also be used. Note the blacked-out B and C pillars- this would date the Caprice to '91. 1992 models had body color pillars. I still need to paint the door handles, as well.  

Did Photobucket disappear?

13 February 2015 - 11:49 AM

Or does it just appear that way to me?

I logged into my PB account late last night, but when I tried to upload a pic, the site crashed on me and I haven't been able to access it since. I also can't see any pics posted on this or any other forum from Photobucket. I've checked isitdownrightnow.com and it says there's no issue with PB, but I've had it say that when others are having issues as well. Anybody else having problems?

1950 Ford F-1 Junker

11 February 2015 - 11:43 AM

Just having a little fun with an incomplete '50 Ford truck, some spare parts, and a few panels cut off a Hudson Hornet body I managed to melt... somehow.













1997 Ford F150 Conversion

09 February 2015 - 10:10 AM

In my ongoing saga to build some of the Revell '97 Ford truck kits in the stash,  I just finished this. It started as the SuperCab Flareside kit. The frame was stretched to accommodate the 8' Styleside bed from the regular cab kit. The truck was converted to 4 wheel drive- the transfer case and the majority of the front suspension came from the AMT '78 Super Stones Ford, and the rear springs came from an AMT Monster Truck. The wheels and F350 decals came from a Maisto die cast kit, the tires are BFG Krawlers from Fireball Modelworks. I also made a K&N intake, scratchbuilt the bumpers, and made a dual-outlet exhaust. The spotlights came from a SATCO Nissan Pathfinder, and the rear hitch was pirated from a Revell Kurtis Midget kit. Paint is Testors Lime Ice.