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Yesterday, 05:17 AM

That looks awesome! Nice job!

In Topic: 1957 Corvette Gasser Update! Trunk Opened 1/29/15

Yesterday, 03:25 AM

You've dodged a huge bullet. Good for you! B)


Are you sure that's an MPC body? I don't recall the MPC dash being molded with the body as that one is. I think it's either AMT or Monogram, and the red color makes me think it's the latter (was the AMT '57 Vette ever molded in red?). If so, I think it's 1/24.


It'll still be easier to work with than that 2-piece MPC backbirth.


You're right it's an AMT body. It came in a 3 pack with a '75 and '98 'Vette. All molded in red. 


The red plastic is incredibly soft. I started opened up the trunk and the blade kept jumping out of the grooves because the plastic is so soft. I had to go slow and take my time. I am going to use a trunk lid off a Revell '58 Vette just because I like those chrome strips. Here's where I'm at.






Thanks for looking!!

In Topic: 1957 Corvette Gasser Update! Trunk Opened 1/29/15

28 January 2015 - 11:05 AM

Sometimes you gotta admit defeat and start over. That flip nose body is awful. I got lucky today. While looking for something else I found a stock MPC 1957 Corvette in my stash. The floor I modified fit this new body perfectly. I now needed a firewall. A second flip nosed Corvette donated it's firewall. There was a huge gap between the two parts was filled with strip styrene and bondo. Here's where I am at:


This is the replacement body:




Here the firewall is glued to the floor and strips of styrene are connecting them.










I'm thinking this will be a red and white or black and white car. We'll see.


Thanks for looking.

In Topic: 1957 Corvette Gasser Update! Trunk Opened 1/29/15

28 January 2015 - 04:14 AM

Are you planning to display the front end flipped? I ask because I'm working on one of those and the body and front end are the WORST fitting two model parts I've ever seen. I ended up gluing mine solid and using about a half pound of putty, epoxy, and superglue to get it all looking like it actually belonged together.


Yeah the fit between the body and nose is terrible. I'm just going to go slow and fit them as best as I can. I'm worried about how I'm going to set the hinge up as I'm bashing the chassis and body from two different kits. 

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27 January 2015 - 02:12 PM

That is wicked looking I love it!