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1932 Prostreet Pickup

18 March 2014 - 01:53 AM

Hi Guys,


This is a project that I started in 2011 but got put to one side for about a year and a half.  It stalled when I realised the floor and firewall wouldn't fit as the engine is slightly further back in the chassis.  I'm currently working on making a new floor, firewall, etc.


It has scratch built frame rails that incorporate the suspension from the Revell prostreet Willys kit.  The fenders were modified to take the wide tyres at the back (with the pickup bed given tubs).  The engine is the hemi block from the Revell 5 widow kit with other bits taken from various places.


I am hoping to get this finished soon so plan to spend quite a bit of time on over the next few weeks and will update this thread with my progress.  Anyway, here's a few pictures to get you a feel for where I am at the moment.


The chassis is pretty much complete:


The engine needs the injector hat to be finished and then it'll be ready:


A mock-up to see how everything fits together:



All comments, suggestions, etc. always welcome!





AMT 63 Corvette Street/Strip Machine

27 September 2013 - 01:59 AM



Sorry - just realised I put this thread in "Under Glass" instead of "On the Workbench".  Looked into moving it but couldn't figure out how - maybe a moderator can help?


I'm a member of the IPMS UK and am involved in the Hot Rod and Custom Car special interest group.  As it is the 50th anniversary this year of the UK IPMS we have decided that our theme at this year's show would be 1963 cars.  I've always like the C2 Corvettes so a '63 split window was the obvious choice.  The basis of the build is the AMT kit and I have decided to improve their drag version of the kit with some kitbashing and modifying.


I started off by converting the back end of a Revell '67 Corvette chassis to narrow it so that the drag slicks could fit within the body.




Once this was done the rear axle and suspension was narrowed to match the chassis.




The interior is a mix of the '63 Revell snap coupe (suitably narrowed at the back to fit onto the modified chassis) and AMT parts.




A mock-up of the major components before commiting to paint.




The body has taken alot of work to get to this state (modern kits sure are a lot easier!) and is now in primer ready for the basecoat.




The engine will be the blown bbc out of the Revell 1968 Corvette kit.  Will post some updates soon.


Any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. always welcome!