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In Topic: amt peterbilt 352 pacemaker cabover

Today, 06:07 AM

Very nice project...

In Topic: Italeri Volvo VN780 and Moebius "Smoothie"

Today, 06:06 AM

Awesome progress Clayton. Looking forward to the next update....

In Topic: Italeri Volvo VN780 and Moebius "Smoothie"

Today, 06:03 AM

Yep....A bright, sun shiny day is the ticket, but I think my wife would throw me out of the house if I brought a model inside to dry.....  :lol: LOL !!!! Funny, but true....Don't think I could get away with that.....

My wife is pretty cool. I bring them in while she is at work JT.  Put them in the model room and close the door.... :D

In Topic: White Freightliner daycab

Today, 05:59 AM

Really nice work so far....

In Topic: Funny signs inside ;>)

Today, 05:24 AM

Some of those are real funny.