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What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

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I just wanted to start what has been one of my favorite threads on airplane modeling forums. It’s not meant to brag or prove has the biggest modeling budget; I just like to see what other people are buying...

Today I got the ‘50 Ford p/u with the Ardun flathead I’v been lusting over, a Caddy 354 parts pack motor, and some HOK “Burple” candy paint


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I ordered some styrene...round rod, rectangle rod, clear sheet, and a mitre box. Last night I ordered a couple of R/M 32 highboys.

I have it from good sources (my son) that my bride got me a gift certificate from Detail Master for my birthday next week.

She's good people that wife of mine, I think I'll keep her. :rolleyes:

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I got turned down from a job interview last week, but got a call today for another opportunity...

Ohhhh... You're talking about model related stuff... :rolleyes:

Got the new Merc... Started it already.

Got a note that I'll be getting another resin go kart in the mail soon.

My wife ask why I needed a new kit, when I have all those in the garage... B)

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Well...not today or yestereday...but Thursday I received an Auston Healy 100-six in the mail fom Ja Bill...for the price if shipping ! What a great guy ! Its already stripped and sporting a bunch of Bondo that needs to be sanded.

I also ordered a bunch of pre wired distributors from Arrowhead Aluminum Accessories.

Today I need to find some Alclad, since the LHS who carried locally it shut its doors on the 30th. The other local LHS's don;t carry it (yes I KNOW I am lucky to still have two or three LHS's).

I am bidding on something closing on ebay in the next couple days...we'll see how that goes. I usually lose LOL


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Happy Birthday, Bob!

I got a resin 37 Chev sedan delivery body from Ebay that was a little disappointing. It wasn't bad but it wasn't up to modern standards. I have coming SliXX decals for the Dale Creasy CraftsMan Funny Car. I have all of the MAD magazine kits and decals so I thought what the H#ll I might as well throw that on the pile.

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I had a drive through to Edinburgh City and picked up a compressor, a magnifier light, some Krystal Klear, an Airbrush cleaning station, cleaning fluid and and a little measuring syringe.

This is all stuff I need as I am getting back into the hobby, trust me on this I won't be spending £160.00 ($320.00) every week ;)


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Since my LHS is 140 miles away I haven't been there for over a month but I did get an order from Model Express at the beginning of the week which consisted of some MCG photo etch, a Fujimi Ferrari 348 kit and the Revell '49. Hey, I wanted to find out what all the hoople over this kit is about but I can't imagine me having a lot of desire to build it. I've also got an order to Strada sports (decals & PE) just about ready to be sent.


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  • ranma changed the title to Bought two totes with model's in them at the US 127 Garage sales:: here's what was inside of them...

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