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Save paint, but remove Painted-Printed pin stripes

23 January 2014 - 04:14 PM

Hi all. I dug out a Pro-Finish Revell 63 Impala hardtop that I

want to build with the ruby red metalic paint left intact on the body,

but they have printed, or painted pin-stripes over top the red.

(This Was a Lowrider after all)


I have tried 91% Isopropol Alcohol, Turtle Wax, and a couple

other ideas, but Nothing works.


Too bad All graphics weren't vinyl stickers like the murals were!!


Is there a way to do what I want? or do I need to start with a Bare body???


I have the Stock hubcaps & tires from an AMT 63 SS.


I just liked the Red Metallic paint on the kit.

(Plus, It was a Cheap clearance buy back when I bought it)