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Bruce Larson Tribute car

26 May 2014 - 09:10 AM

Last year a tribute car was finished for Bruce that he can use for exhibition and burnouts without using the original '68 Camaro funnycar. It was not built for nostalgia competition. I had the honor of taking photos of it a few weeks ago and started a model of it using a Competition Resins body which needs about 1/8" added to the bottom of both sides to match the measurements I took of the body, parts from a Revell car found on ebay for $10, the Ross Gibson Hemi Hunter Chevy engine, Slixx decals, Daisy rear wheels from Speed City resin, front wheels from Harts Parts resin, a 9" Ford rear from Competition resins and a Powerglide trans from them too. DSCF0483a_zps76e3731f.jpgDSCF0032_zps1a12b714.jpgDSCF0115_zps481bdfbb.jpgDSCF0112_zps516c796e.jpgDSCF0114_zps71203728.jpg


01 April 2014 - 02:10 PM

Here is another start to a project that will someday be completed. I was inspired by the article in the March issue of Hot Rod that featured a road racing '57 Chevy. An awesome car. But I decided to go with a '72 GTO instead. The body is pretty thin plastic and everything had a ton of flash on it, but the body shape is good. I'm using Wide 5 tires and rims from Early Years Resin (causing me to narrow the rear frame), a Ford 9" rearend from Competition Resins, a 588 big block engine and T-56 tranny from VCG Resins, a gel cell battery, coil and oil tank for dry sump from Calnaga Castings, a Pro Tech distributor, and the body will be painted with Testors Copper metallic. The rear spoiler will be shaped, not just straight and a front chin spoiler will be added down the road. Thanks for looking. http://i1311.photobu...zps6fcc8167.jpg




Using a different rearend

20 February 2014 - 04:08 AM

I haven't searched this entire Tips, Tricks, etc for this topic, but I would like to learn how to set up a different rearend on a car. For instance, set up an independent rear for a kit that came with a solid axle or vice versa. Or set up a Halibrand rear. Where should the mounting points be ? Which rears use coilovers ? Swaybars ? I would like info for converting 70s to the present cars to any of the mentioned rearends. I appreciate any help.